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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Compromise, that has been the theme of the Obama administration since the election results slapped him right in his liberal face on November 2. Barack Obama has whined and cried that the American people said by their vote they want Washington to get along and work together for the good of the country and stop the partisan bickering. Of course THAT is NOT the message from the election which was a total repudiation of Obama policy, but Mr. Arrogant who can't see the hand writing on the wall believes it to be true.

So he plays what he thinks is the compromise game and comes to a, "deal," with Republicans on the extension of the Bush tax rates which on the surface looked good but is quickly being transformed into a liberal pork bill by the Pelosi House. Democrats in the House are feigning anger at Obama for his, "compromise," which I still believe is a well orchestrated ruse in order to allow Obama to look like he is willing to work and give Democrats an out to add their liberal wish list to the bill.

With this supposed compromise Obama duped many into believing that he was pulling a Bill Clinton and moving ever so slightly to the middle as Clinton did after his 1994 GOP shellacking. Even having Bubba at The White House for a closed door meeting and surrendering the Presidency at a follow up presser while Obama and Michelle did what they do best and partied hearty.

Those of us who predicted during the 2008 campaign that Obama would be the disaster that he has become never once believed that this leftist ideologue would ever move to the center in order to work with a Republican House and a nearly balanced Senate and Obama put to rest any doubts that this centrist moved supposedly shown by his tax, "compromise," was nothing more than a temporary ruse and the leftist/Marxist was still following his arrogant ideology.

The anger by the left has revealed the deception Obama has been showing since the election. In response to their anger Obama declared that he was, "itching for a fight on a whole range of issues," with Republicans when they take control in January. No Mr. Compromise, no more finding middle ground which has been his cry since the election. No more calling for putting to an end the partisan bickering, just an ideologue telling his followers that he still plans to fight for his leftist country destroying agenda REGARDLESS of the rejection by the people and the change which was wrought in Congress by the people brought on by anger over the direction he is taking the country.

Obama went on to say in his usual arrogant fashion that he thought, "the American people will be on my side on a whole bunch of these fights." WRONG, the American people REJECTED his agenda and his Presidency in a resounding voice on election day and Obama's approval ratings have continued to drop to new lows since November second consistently, so the people ARE NOT on his side on ANY of the issues. Yet the ideologue vows to fight Republicans when the new Congress convenes.

For those who thought he would move to the center, this should set aside those delusions about Obama. For those who thought he was being truthful about ending the partisanship in Washington this should expose his lie and show HE is the partisan animal. For those who thought Obama cared even remotely about the American people this should prove that his agenda and his push to transform America into a socialist state was and still continues to be his goal and ONLY objective as President.

Ken Taylor


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