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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


On a strictly party line vote of 3 - 2 the FCC approved the regulating of the Internet by the federal government. The move which has been called Net Neutrality opens the flood gates for the government to regulate the Internet for the first time in its existence. Citing as the excuse for making this move the FCC along with a statement by Barack Obama, claimed the move, "protects," Americans from Internet providers blocking or slowing services because of high traffic.

Basically the FCC is preventing the possibility of maybe something happening in the future that has not happened to this point to protect consumers from actions that haven't yet taken place. Yeah, I know the last sentence was a mishmash of double talk which is exactly what the move by the FCC is. What it does do is open up the flood gates for government control through regulation of the Internet and any website which the feds determine may be violating anything they deem fits the broad expanse of this FCC ruling.

This move is similar to the false scare of Global Warming, an environmental fear tactic disaster scenario which has not been proven but used by left wing envirowacos to force massive regulatory legislation which has cost billions of dollars and hampered both business and individuals unnecessarily. Global Warming is an event that has not happened nor likely to happen but the fear created of it possibly happening without proof, has allowed ridiculous moves which rob freedom and prosperity.

The Internet is now in the same boat as all things environmental. Opening the gates of federal regulation could soon find websites which do not display opposing views, for instance facing shut down or fines by the feds because the site is not , "disclosing," or is hiding information. Even if that site allows opposing views, as this one for instance, but because of the type traffic which comes to that site no opposing views are posted, free speech could very well suffer under the regulatory power of the government.

This is nothing more than opening the door for the government to move into territory which has not be available before. It is a move to eventually give the government control of the Internet a move that especially the left has been drooling about since the popularity of the web has grown as it has.

Senator Jim DeMint, (R - SC), if planning on introducing legislation in the new Congress to stop this uncalled for regulatory move in its tracks before any harm can be done or any form of government move can take place on the freedom of the web and those who participate on the Internet whether private individuals of a business.

The public airways or cyber ways are free and should remain so without government moving in to dictate who, what, when and where providers, business or individuals use the World Wide Web to express their views, thoughts or sell their products to consumers who are willing to purchase that product over the web.

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fear - fear - FEAR - scare the public (run-away); the bogey-man is coming, and its' name is "Net Neutrality".

What a bunch of nonsense! If any of this was a real problem, you would be able to refer to actual policy or regulation language that you disagree with; you could clearly state your case as to why some real thing is BAD. Instead, you claim, falsely, that REGULATION itself is bad. You obviously never won a debate in your life!

Here is a brief look at a few definitions of what Net Neutrality actually is:
1. [click-here]
2. [click-here]
3. [click-here]
4. [click-here]
5. [click-here]

Now if your audience or yourself wants to complain about Net Neutrality, they are welcome to debate these clear definitions. And you can go scare up another false issue to instill fear into the public's mind.


12:21 AM, January 17, 2011  
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