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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Anyone who is considered credible has now admitted that Global Warming is a farce and what we have been experiencing is a normal cycle that has appeared on our planet before and will appear again. According to those who have pushed this fallacy we should be experiencing much warmer temperatures and snow would be almost non-existent.

Yet all across Europe and in most of The United States one of the coldest winters creating some of the largest snow falls in history is occurring. So the Global Warming crowd falls back on their lie that ANY type of weather is proof of this so called catastrophe and man is the cause. This fallacy has cost billions of dollars to both business and individuals as unnecessary government regulations have been put into place to, "prevent," Global Warming and the only people who have profited from it are those like Al Gore who make a living off of pressing the lie.

When Barack Obama came into office one of the major agenda items he was planning was a Cap and Trade bill that would force companies to purchase carbon credits to supposedly counter emissions that companies cause which would, "supposedly," clean the environment and curtail Global Warming. In essence all it would have done is create a massive regulatory tax on business which in turn would have cause a massive rise in energy costs as well as every consumer service and product on the market. So Cap and Trade failed to even make it to the floor of Congress to the disappointment of Obama who sees it as his responsibility to punish business.

Now that Republicans are taking over the House and have almost balanced the Senate, Obama knows that Cap and Trade is dead in the next Congress and as a result the reminder of Obama's one and only term as President. So rather than dropping the idea with the full knowledge that the last election was a complete repudiation of his agenda by the people which Cap and Trade was a major part, Obama plans on bypassing the will of the people and Congress to get massive regulatory change to fit his Global Warming agenda.

The Environmental Protection Agency falls under the Executive Branch and Obama plans on using the Agency to push through greater emission regulations which will hamper business and increase energy costs to all Americans. On January 2, using the EPA, the administration will regulate new carbon emission limits that would force companies to get permits to release greenhouse gases. This new regulatory control falls under the Clean Air Act and as such does not require the support of Congress therefore bypassing both Congress and voters repudiation of Obama agenda.

The new regulations will kill jobs and add additional weight to an already struggling economy by reducing the profits of companies due to the cost of purchasing permits etc. to meet the new EPA standards. Which just like Cap and Trade becomes an energy tax against business and as a result increases both energy costs and decreases profits.

According to the Obama Administration through the Clean Air Act The White House has the authority to issue the new regulations through a Supreme Court ruling that allows for the EPA to make a determination that carbon dioxide, (the gas Global Warming nuts blame for the fallacy), is hazardous to human health and therefore can be regulated to protect the public without Congressional approval.

The new Congress does have some recourse to stop this by overturning EPA regulations until the High Court can determine the validity of the Administrations claim that Carbon Dioxide is hazardous to human health. Republicans are promising a fight with The White House over this back door act and should be able to possibly delay this until Congress can move to prevent it. In the meantime Obama is showing once again that he could care less about the people and our voice and it is only his agenda that matters to this leftist ideologue.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Mike's America said...

Doesn't this move expose the fact that Obama is continuing with his partisan, very liberal policies and NOT triangulating to the center?

1:09 AM, December 30, 2010  
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