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Wednesday, October 06, 2010


In the most prophetic mishaps in American history, the Presidential Seal lept off the podium, fell to the floor and shattered during a speech being given by Barack Obama. The Seal is always hung on any podium just prior to the entrance of the President and protocol has the Seal removed once he leaves. Well this particular Seal like most of us had all it could take of Obama and lept to its death in front of an audience listening to the ramblings of Obama.

It seems that the seal like much of the Nation does not want Obama in the office he now holds and the Seal had the guts enough to show its dislike of Obama by leaping to the floor during his speech. Obama followed the act of defiance by the Seal by stating, "you all know who I am," and then went on to finish his speech. But the act of defiance and annoyance by the Seal had done its deed and we the people of The United States owe this brave seal in our patriotic duty to accommodate it and insure that Obama is removed from office in 2012. Such great sacrifice deserves our recognition and help in insuring that Obama is a one term President.

In a somewhat related story, reports are surfacing that Michelle is bored with being first lady and has already told Obama that she does not want a second term. In fact she is so bored and disgusted with the job that she plans on taking many more expensive, extravagant trips in order to relieve her boredom.

One report has her collapsing in tears and telling Barack she will divorce him if he runs for a second term. Now whether that one is completely true or not remains to be seen since the source is the National Enquirer. But then again the Enquirer did break the story about the John Edwards affair so it has a little credibility.......I think.

But whether the tears and divorce story is true or not Michelle is obviously unhappy as first lady and just as we owe the brave Presidential Seal the obligation of removing Barack from office in 2012, I think we can accommodate Michelle in the same way and by our vote make sure that Barack Hussein Obama is a one term President so that other Presidential Seals will not have to risk their lives and Michelle can get on to a much more exciting life. Oh and by the way we will be saving the country in the process!

Ken Taylor


Blogger the_storie_goes_on said...

i took much enjoyment in reading this..

12:25 AM, October 07, 2010  
Blogger ablur said...

I swear it was suicide. How many speeches could the poor thing take? How many lies could it stand idly by for?

8:27 AM, October 07, 2010  
Blogger Tom's Place said...

It followed the example of the teleprompter that couldn't take it anymore...

7:16 PM, October 07, 2010  
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