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Thursday, October 28, 2010


Barack Obama has been on the campaign trail. No big surprise since campaigning is about all he has done since taking office. Sure he has spent trillions of dollars, destroyed the greatest health care system in the world and generally taken the country down the tubes, but while doing all of his destruction Obama has continued to campaign as a means of trying to sell his failed policy. That and play golf.

So his being on the campaign trail constantly in the weeks and now days approaching the mid term election on November second was expected. But what he has done on the campaign trail has been surprising . With numbers as low as they are and continuing to crash hitting an all time low of 37% this week, Obama has been campaigning not directly for candidates who for the most part are distancing themselves from him in desperate attempts to win reelection.

Instead he has hit safe areas where he and Democrats still have at least a small amount of popularity. His purpose has been to try and energize the liberal base and get out the vote in a year where GOP gains will crush his total control of Congress. His message has been, "hey we are just getting started, need more time so don't let Republicans back because they are soooo baaaaad."

Yet in the midst of this tirade against Republicans and whining about how he hasn't had enough time to finish his work, Obama has done the one thing Democrats did not want him to do. He has taken the election from a local emphasis which had helped Democrats make slight gains in the polls over the last two weeks and once again made it a national referendum about Obama and his agenda.

Republicans prior to October had succeeded in keeping the mid term a national referendum which is unusual for off Presidential years. Since the mid term election deals with the House, Senate, state offices and local city and county offices only, it usually focuses on local issues and candidates. This year because of the anger over Obama's socialist agenda and the direction it is taking the country added to the growth and popularity of the Tea Party movement, this mid term kept a national flavor as a referendum against Obama which benefited Republicans.

As October began Democrats started focusing on character attacks against individual candidates which began taking the spotlight off Obama and more on local issues which helped Dems gain in the polls and tighten many races. But being the egotistical arrogant person that he is Obama could not handle the spotlight being off of him and has succeeded in returning the election into a national focus on Obama and his agenda in the final days of the campaign.

During campaign stops and interviews Obama has made statements which have brought the focus back on him. When he stated that Republicans were welcome to jump on board his agenda but had to, "sit in the back," Obama's returned race baiting to the campaign which gave a national stage for outrage.

While speaking on a Hispanic radio program, Obama referred to Republicans and those who are against his agenda as, "the enemy," urging Latinos to stand with him to fight the, "enemy." Once again he made center stage through outrage sparking more anger and nationalizing the campaign.

But the piece de resistance brought the total spotlight from any local candidate issues or attacks and placed it completely back on Obama. On the nationally syndicated Al Sharpton show Obama attempting to energize African American voters stated, “my name may not be on the ballot, but our agenda for moving forward is on the ballot, and I need everybody to turn out.” This one statement encompasses why Americans are so angry and why this election IS a referendum on Obama and Obama policy.

Either he is too arrogant to accept the anger is about what he has done or too ignorant to understand Americans do not want what he is selling and legislating or both. Voter anger has been driven by Obama policy. Those who supported his agenda are the candidates who are being booted out of Congress, BECAUSE, they supported him. Their only hope of even having close races was to draw attention away from Obama and their participation in his socialist agenda and focus voters on local issues and candidates.

But the arrogant one could not handle it not being all about him so once again to the benefit of Republicans, Obama has assisted them in once again nationalizing the campaign and with only days left before election day it is too late to take the spotlight and focus off of Obama and his agenda. Republicans had lost some of their earlier momentum due to the localization of the campaign. The GOP began returning the focus back to a national referendum last weekend.

Obama's campaign has helped greatly, reminding Americans that this election IS about his destructive agenda, his massive spending, his expansion of government, his deficits, his explosion of debt, his health care debacle, his failed stimulus, his increasing unemployment, his punishing of business and his destructive path toward socialism which is taking away our freedom, our children's future and our very soul as a country. So thank you Mr. Obama for reminding Americans just how bad you are and how much we need to eliminate your power base by voting out EVERYONE who supported you in Congress on November second!

Ken Taylor


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