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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


In yet another campaign stop and another race baiting moment for the Racist in Chief, Barack Obama was lashing out at Republicans in anticipation of the GOP surge which will deliver the House and maybe the Senate on November 2. Obama the arrogant race baiter sees the job of Republicans when they take the majority to bow to him and as Democrats have walk in lock step with his Marxist agenda. So in his campaign stop he actually said Republicans, will have to, "sit in the back of the bus, " when it comes to legislation Obama is pushing.

First to the professional race baiter I have this message. We the people ARE NOT voting out your party so that those we send to Congress after election day fall in lock step with you in your quest to destroy our country, our freedom and our Constitution. We are sending new blood and eliminating your Congressional majority with a mandate TO NOT implement any of your agenda or policy, PERIOD!

Second, you who pledged to unite the country have been the biggest divider in our history. At every opportunity, Mr. Obama, you use racial references, race baiting statements and racial slurs to make your point and cause racial tension and division. Anyone who opposes your policy in your feeble mind, does so ONLY because of your color. I have opposed you from the beginning and it has NOTHING to do with your ethnicity but ONLY because what you are doing is destroying our country and in direct contrast to everything our Founders intended for our Nation!

I lived through the turbulent sixties and remember the marches with Martin Luther King and you Mr. Obama have spit in the face of everything Dr. King fought for. He sought to unite the races and our country, you seek for political expedience to divide the Nation and create racial tension. You are a disgrace to America to your race and to all that our great country stands for.

The vast majority of Americans could care less about the color of a persons skin. We judge another by character and not by color and you Mr. Obama in your quest to rekindle race problems that were quelled over decades have proven that you have NO character or integrity. You are a political animal who will use whatever means available including racial tension to achieve your goal of reconstructing America into a socialist, government controlled, slave to government society where citizens bow to Washington for all the answers that you believe in your arrogance are the only qualified individual to give.

One of the main responsibilities of a President is to inspire Americans. You shamelessly through your political racial division inspire hatred and anger. You are a disgrace to the office you hold and and insult to the great men who held the office before you. You invoke Lincoln but strive to destroy everything he fought and died for. You have no business sitting behind The Resolute Desk where so much American history was made.

We the people will take back what you have stolen on November second by voting out those who have helped you take us down the destructive path we are currently on. We expect those we send to replace your minions in Congress to stand with the people and NOT with you. Your fifteen minutes of fame are over and we the people will once again take the authority that is Constitutionally ours and stop you from dividing and destroying out country.

Ken Taylor


Blogger joetote said...

Right on the button Ken! No different than the Black Panther Voting Intimidation case. The DOJ, enabled openly by the racist in chief and his lackey Mr. Holder dropped an open and shut case against the group. Jesse, AL and the others of their stripe are all in agreement. In this case this group openly declares their hatred for "whitey" while the Racist in Chief turns his head.

In my world it is a crime to stand at a voting place and overtly threaten someone as to how to vote. This of course brands me and most other honest Americans as Racist! Do you want to see real Racism (And for the record, I am fully aware there are still people who cling to that asinine tenet)? One needs to look no further than the NAACP, Jesse, Al or, sadly enough Mr. Holder and our President. In many ways, the title "Racist in Chief" is to soft. Out and out bigot comes to mind.

9:52 AM, October 26, 2010  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

I couldn't agree more joetote. I could care less Obama's ethnicity, it's his actions and policy that I oppose. Yet at every turn he either calls or implies tat any opposition is because of his ethnic background. When he's not accusing opposition of racism, he uses race to divide voters and anyone else. I once thought that it was only for political expedience but now I beleive it is a combination of politics and his true racist feelings.

10:51 AM, October 26, 2010  
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