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Friday, October 08, 2010


Over the last several weeks as he has been touring the country begging Democrats to not lose hope, and make an effort to head to the polls on November 2, Barack Obama has been touting a supposed, "improved," economy and a light at the end of the tunnel for the jobs market. The final numbers before the mid term election have been released and not only is there NOT a light at the end of the tunnel, but two job reports show Obama's job loses are much worse than initially thought.

The newest jobs figures according to the Labor Department show a LOSS of 95, 000 jobs which includes a large number of new jobs provided by the surge in employment for campaigns all over the country. Though campaign jobs are temporary they did help the employment picture. The unemployment rate stands at 9.6% which is not any improvement at all.

But the two reports that are devastating to Obama and Democrats as the mid term approaches comes from Gallup and a revised report for 2009 by the Labor Department. Gallup has been following the jobless rates for decades and its numbers have been considered by many to be much closer than the Labor Department because Gallup does not adjust figures as Labor does to try and make a better picture.

According to Gallup the real unemployment figure is 10.1% a full half a percent higher then Labors figure. The second report confirms how Gallup gathers its figures and why it would be a more accurate number. The Labor Department makes adjustments after reporting numbers because of the finagling they do in order to paint a better picture. Once adjustments are made especially during a bad jobs market they almost always show a grimmer picture than initially shown.

According to the revised numbers for 2009 the economy lost a fill 902,000 more jobs than initially released by Labor which would make the unemployment rate more in line with the Gallup number of 10.1% rather than 9.6% with Labors seasonally adjusted figures. But either way no matter how one looks at the job figures, Barack Obama's economic policy is not garnering any confidence in business and hiring is not happening.

Obama's policy is creating unemployment at record numbers while he is touring the country saying he has saved jobs created more and his policy kept the Nation from sinking into depression. When one looks at the facts and then listens to the Obama spin and deception, it's no wonder than Democrats have no desire to head to the polls and give Obama and a liberal Congress another chance. Republicans and Independents have seen the light for months and now it seems with the job and economic picture so dire, Democrats too have no desire to stand with their former messiah.

Ken Taylor


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