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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Over the last few weeks we have seen an increasing desperation by Democrats to attempt to stop the momentum that is leading toward massive losses in the mid term election. Desperate attempts to paint Republicans as evil money hungry Capitalists have fallen thus far on deaf ears as voters who are angered at the direction Obama and Democrats have taken this country see through the political deception and understand what is truly at stake in this election.

But that has not and obviously is not stopping Democrats from trying again to use whatever means available to get votes, including bribery. Polling is showing that seniors for the most part are supporting the Republican party so Obama and company are making an effort through bribery to pull seniors there direction.

Last year Social Security did not given recipients the usual yearly cost of living increase in benefits which increases the size of monthly checks by a certain percentage to off set rising prices etc. Just last week it was announced that 2011 would be no different as the increase will not be given again for the second year.

Obama and many Democrats have been using the typical liberal campaign ploy against Republicans by trying to scare seniors into believing if they vote GOP the evil and nasty Republicans will cut Social Security benefits and even try to repeal the program entirely. Democrats have used this lie for decades so in a year when they stand to lose and lose big it is no surprise they have reached into their usual pocket of lies and pulled this worn out one again.

But they have added a twist to it this election. Democrats with the backing of Obama are pitching the idea of providing all Social Security recipients a one time check for $25o.00 in order to off set the lack of cost of living increases. They tout that this move proves Democrats will look out for seniors better than Republicans so on November second they deserve the senior vote as a result of this obvious bribe.

But here's the catch in all of this political Tom Foolery by Democrats. Cost of living increases are approved or disapproved by the one Constitutional entity that holds all of the purse stings for the Nations expenditures, the Congress namely the House of Representatives. when a cost of living increase is due for Social Security, the House has to approve it BEFORE the money can be released. The same goes for a cost of living freeze.

Before a freeze can take place Congress has to approve it. Who has been in charge of Congress for the two budgetary freeze years ? Democrats ! The freeze for 2010 was approved by Congress in 2009 and this year the 2011 freeze was approved. With the overwhelming majority Democrats have had in Congress for both years it is NOT Republicans who have instituted the freeze since they do not have the numbers alone to get the required vote to pass or defeat anything.

Democrats instituted and voted for the freeze and now they are pretending they not only had nothing to do with it but by offering a $ 250.00 one time bribe they are the party who is protecting seniors from the evil Republicans when it was Democrats who took the increase away in the first place.

This ploy by Democrats is another example of the usual underhanded political shenanigans which has angered voters and caused a general disgust with, "politics as usual," in Washington. While I do not believe that majority of seniors will fall for this ploy by Democrats the fact is they are once again banking on their perceived ignorance of Americans as a means to lie their way into office. What Democrat have not and refuse to accept is that voters are on to their lies and this time even a last minute bribe will not work.

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Anonymous said...


When they get off their high horse and start working to colaberate with the Independents and the Democrates to clean up the mess they made during the last 8 years, I'll be more inclined to look upon them with favor.

Until then, they are acting like a bunch of spoiled brats!

11:53 AM, November 13, 2010  
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