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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Three states, New Mexico, Illinois and New York are under investigation for disenfranchising members of The United States military by not mailing absentee ballots to troops overseas in time for them to be counted in the November 2 election.

While there are no specific accusations of intentional fraud on the part of any of the three states it does seem extremely coincidental that all three states have very tight races where the military vote could make the difference in the final outcome of the election and all three states are currently governed by Democrats.

According to federal election laws, absentee ballots for overseas military personnel must be mailed by October 1 in order for the ballots to be counted in the November election. New York sought for an extension with the Pentagon and still did not meet the deadline. So even with an extension overseas military personnel from New York will not be counted in the mid term voting.

In all three cases the failure to mail ballots did not encompass the entire state but several counties in each state did not mail the ballots in time or in some cases at all. In New York for example the counties included all of the Burroughs of New York City which includes a large number of overseas military personnel.

All three states have Democrat Governors. Whether the failure to mail ballots was an intentional effort to disenfranchise the military in an election where Democrats are looking to lose big has not been established. But this unforgivable action in failing to allow the military the right to vote when they defend the very freedom that provides the ability to participate in free elections is an example of the total ineptness of governing by Democrats.

It is too coincidental that the ONLY states in which military votes will not be counted because of this failure to do something as simple as getting ballots in the mail in time for them to be counted are governed by Democrats. This failure is not only inexcusable but shows a lack of accountability and poor governing by the administration of each state. The failure of Democrats to govern is obviously not restricted to the federal level but extends to state and local offices as well. Remember this when you go to the polls and cast your ballot on November 2.

Ken Taylor


Blogger joetote said...

Funny isn't it? This horse's as in the White house is whining and begging for his lemmings to "not mke me look bad". All the while, he treats the most honorable people, our fighting soldiers as scum, taking away their sacred right to vote all for political expediency. And don't think foe one moment this isn't deliberate! The administration knew of these problems and purposely soft peddled their efforts so as to keep those ballots away from 1000's of men and women whom they feel would vote against their Marxist policies!

11:06 AM, October 14, 2010  
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