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Sunday, May 14, 2006


The world is full of, "what ifs." For example, what if the Pearl Harbor had not been attacked would the United States have entered WWII ? What if John Kennedy had not been assassinated would there have been a Vietnam ? What if Hitler had pursued the British at Dunkirk and followed with invading Great Britain would the Third Reich had won the war ? What if, what if, what if. The United States and world history is so full of what ifs that it can make ones head spin. This year from a political stand point there is a, "what if, " that is being discussed and by some even being planned for as if it had already happened. "What if," the Democrats gain control of the House and Senate in the 2006 mid-term elections ? Over the past several weeks since the President's approval rating has dropped so low, ( I still don't believe that polls are a good indicator because they can be so easily manipulated), the Democrats have acted as if the results of the 2006 election is a forgone conclusion and the only thing left is the minor inconvenience of the voters casting their ballots in November to crown the Democrats as the majority. Nancy Pelosi is already being referred to in some circles as, "Speaker of the House." John Conyers is talking as if he is already the House Judiciary Committee Chairman. Howard Dean is spewing his liberal rhetoric as if he is the Chairman of the majority party. Now granted the Democrats though out of the majority since 1994 have never really acted like the minority party and the somewhat spineless leadership of the GOP has continually let the Dems get away with this by pandering to their vocal assaults and whining and not acting at times like the majority party. So the question that seems to be floating around Washington is, "what if the Democrats win the majority in the house and Senate in November ?"

There are several obvious things that will happen if this nightmare scenario were to actually happen.

1. Investigation city - the entire government would nearly grind to a halt as the Democrats under the leadership of John Conyers in the House and Chuck Schumer in the Senate would investigate everything from the pre-war intelligence and their false charge that, "Bush lied us into war, " to the NSA Foreign Intelligence Program and even how many times of day the President used the bathroom ! This would become the reality in Washington and would dominate the news media and the time of both the House and Senate as hearings would be convened with the express goal of finding an avenue to impeach Bush. The Constitution states that impeachment is for, "high crimes and misdemeanors, " which Bush has not committed but a Democrat controlled Congress will push until they can twist enough evidence to get the proceedings under way thus tying the hands of the Bush administration and making him a two year lame duck with no possible way of acting on anything. They would not from a legal stand point make anything stick but the crucifixion that it will cause in the press will end the Bush Presidency which has been their goal since the 2000 election and their belief that he stole the election from Gore. Never mind that scores of independent and even biased agencies have investigated the Florida vote count and come to the same conclusion that the election was legitimate. Their anger has driven their agenda since then and as the majority they will seek their, "revenge."

2. Repeal the tax cuts - Ever since President Bush and the Republican Congress instituted the tax cuts in his first year in office the Democrats have falsely cried that the tax cuts were and are for , "the rich." The overwhelming proof that these tax cuts have benefited every American has never deterred them from the claim. The rich received a higher dollar cut only because they paid in more. As a matter of fact 83.88 % of taxes are paid by the top 25% of income earners. Additionally the vast majority of economists agree that the Bush tax cuts are directly responsible for preventing a debilitating recession or possibly even a depression after the 9/11 attacks and also responsible for the robust economy that has grown in leaps and bounds since the tax cuts. Democrats fully believe that your money does not belong to you but to the government and that they as its representatives they know best how to spend your money so the tax cuts under a Democrat majority will be repealed and a tax increase be instituted. Many will argue that Clinton cut taxes and that is true. The reason for his tax cut was NOT because he wanted it as his policy but because the Republican majority in Congress under Newt Gingrich and Bob Dole forced his hand and passed a tax cut.

3. An immediate Iraq withdrawal - regardless of the consequences or the devastation that it would cause in Iraq and the Middle east as a whole a Democrat majority will force an immediate withdrawal of our forces in Iraq and much of the region claiming that the war is a failure and we have lost with no prospect of winning. The Democrats willing accomplishes in the mainstream media have assisted in creating this myth and the Democrats will act upon it soon after gaining the majority and taking their positions in the new Congress in 2007. Initially the country would celebrate as the troops return home but in a short time period, even as little as several days or weeks the terrorist element in Iraq will take control of the country and set up the Middle East base of operations that was taken from them with the defeat of the Taliban. Irag would provide them with a better operations center because of their better resources and a more centralized location. The entire Middle East will erupt in attacks and Israel would be the target for much of the violence.

4. Terrorism and terrorist would no longer be treated as enemies we are at war with - John Kerry stated during the 2004 election that he wanted to see terrorism once again looked at as an ,"inconvenience." This is essentially the Democrats idea of terrorism. Their track record is one that views terrorism as an illegal activity that should be handled through the courts and not as an enemy that demands military action. The War on Terror would be ended and the judicial approach would once again become United States policy in handling terrorism and terrorists. Of course we have experienced the," tremendous success," of this approach during the Clinton years and before as terrorists were indicted and nothing became of the indictment other than warrants issued for people that could not be found and arrested. Well it did keep Grand Juries busy! This change would not be immediate but gradual. The President as Commander in Chief would initially have the Constitutional authority to continue the War on Terror. The Congress, who controls the purse strings, would under a Democrat majority slowly through financial control end the War on Terror by decreasing the funding and pulling back the means with which to fight the war. Ultimately returning terrorism to an, "inconvenience, " for the courts to handle!

5. Illegal Aliens - oh I forgot the Democrats refer to them as, "undocumented workers." Neither party has shown any backbone on this issue but a Democrat controlled Congress would pander to the illegals far more than is already happening because they view them as the next voter block that they can control though social programs and government give- a- ways. The illegal aliens would first be granted full amnesty and all social and medical programs be legislated by the Congress to become federally available to all. Thus insuring that for the next several generations the Mexican vote will fall squarely in the Democrat column. Every illegal will also be given the right to vote. Once again to insure a Democrat voting block to assist in keeping a majority and also gainging the White House in 2008.

These are but just a few," what ifs," that would take place if the Democrats were to gain control of the Congress in the 2006 mid-term election. Is this take over possible ? Absolutely. Is it probable ? Personally I don't think so. One aspect that the Democrats are counting on that is not actually happening is that the majority of the voters are backing them now as opposed to the Republicans. They are a poll driven party and the declining numbers of the President indicate to them that they are gaining support. What they do not realize is that the dissatifaction of the President does not equate to support for the Democrats. In 1994 the Democrats abandoned the party because of dissatisfacion and a Republican majority was the result. In 2006 the opposite is not the case. Republicans can express dissatisfaction without abandoning the party. Additionally the conservative base which is expressing the majority of the dissatisfaction would not be caught dead voting for a Democrat. The key to fully preventing a Democrat take over in 2006 is for the GOP to wake up and realize that conservatives put them in office and they once again must listen to that base. Indications are that that is slowly starting. Even if the situation were to remain as it is the likelihood of a Democrat take over of the Congress remains slim. Losing seats is a distinct probability if nothing changes. The Senate would most likely become a 51 - 49 or a 52 - 48 majority with the Dems gaining a few House seats thus creating a lesser majority in that chamber. The GOP can still make gains if they will continue to listen as they have indicated and then act on what the constituency is demanding. Especially on the border issue. Tough action on the border between now and November will insure gains in both Houses of Congress for the GOP. The great, "what if, " of 2006 still remains a mystery but not the actuality that the Democrats are already counting on!

Ken Taylor


Blogger Rob said...

I am glad you "know" what the Dems are going to do. I guess they do have a plan - so Republicans should stop saying that they don't. Of course, I have not seen the plan that you are referring to.

I am only going to address one of your issues - illegals. The idea that Dems are pandering to illegals and the Republicans are not is just plain silly. Republicans have the White House, the Senate, and the House and are not addressing the issue.

We will see what Bush offers in his speech tonight, but if he sticks with what he has been saying over the last several months he will be for some form of amnesty. It looks like he is going to be for taking steps to secure the border, and for amnesty for those who are here. Let's see.

1:05 AM, May 15, 2006  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Rob I never suggested that the GOP was not pandering with illegals. The difference is that the Dems are pandering in order to secure a voter base that they can hold by using government give a ways as they have accomplished in the past with other voter bases that in some ways they are now losing. Sure the GOP wants the vote but not by government bribary as the Dems are so famous for. Either way pandering to illegals is disgusting because it does not begin to approach the issue or securing the borders. Additionally each of the points that I have made in this post are based on what Dems have indicated that they would do if the opportunity presented itself. They have called for a pull out in Iraq, they have called for the tax cut to be repealed, they have insisted that terrorism was a legal issue and not a military issue, they have pushed for legislation that would allow illegals drivers liscense and the ability to vote without being a citizen. They have pushed government assistance programs from the federal level for illegals. Lastly they have over and over again called for investigation and impeachment without a legal basis for either. In interview after interview they are acting as if they have a lock on the 2006 election and that they will be in charge the only inconvenience is the actual counting of the votes which they are sure will be theirs. That my friend is arrogance!


10:21 AM, May 15, 2006  
Blogger Rob said...

The Republicans are in charge and cannot get anything done on illegals. The reason is simple - they want to continue the influx of cheap labor to help corporations and big business. The fact is they also don't want to upset a major growing block of people who may become citizens. To think that they are not pandering just as much as Dems is simply ridiculous.

When the Dems offer a platform document we will see what they are really for. The fact that some Dems are calling for a pull out of Iraq does not mean that it will happen. It is still much too early for them to lay out a formal agenda. Toward the end of summer we will see what the proposed agenda will be. Look back at 1994 - the Republican Contract with America was not rolled out until September - just two months before the election.

2:31 PM, May 15, 2006  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Rob, the Dems have been revealing platform after platform. They are not waiting until September because they already think they have a lock on the election. Their leadership from Pelosi to Reid, to Schumer to Dean just to mention a few are already acting as if it is a done deal and are making plans accordingly. Even in interviews Pelosi has been refered to as Speaker of the House. They truly believe that there has been a voter shift when the indicators are actually that the conservative base is disgruntled with Bush over immigration more than anything else. The GOP isn't losing Democrats as a whole because they never had them. The Dems believe though that they have picked up Republicans because of the drop in the polls. That is why they arrogantly are planning for a take over that they believe is just a matter of counting votes that they feel they already have. I still don't think there will be a majority shift even if the GOP does nothing, which I believe will not be the case for they are starting to finally listen to the base. But even without a change in policy the shift in the majority that the Dems think is a done deal will not happen.


5:01 PM, May 15, 2006  
Blogger Rob said...

Have you seen recent polls?

I recognize that we are months away from the election, but there is little doubt this is a "do nothing" Congress. What have they accomplished on behalf of the American people? Very little. The House will only be in session 71 days this year - a record low.

The reason there is likely to be change is that the Republicans in Congress are literally doing nothing. With all the serious problems we face (war, deficits, health care, etc.), Frist announced that he is setting aside a week to debate flag burning and another week to discuss gay marriage.

On top of that, Bush isn't helping. When he proposes amnesty tonight the base will be bothered. I don't think normalizing relations with Libya today is going to go over too well with Americans in general.

5:29 PM, May 15, 2006  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Remember Rob that the Congressional polls are for Congress as a whole not just the GOP. Though I agree that the GOP has been weak and have not been as successful as I as a Republican would like at least there is a platform and agenda that though not being agressivly followed is still a plan that is not based on anger and looking for any scandal to bring down the President as the agenda of the Democrats has and continues to be.


8:58 PM, May 15, 2006  
Blogger Rob said...

I cannot make out the agenda - gay marriage and flag burning?

Democrats are polling 10-20 percent higher in Congress. Check out for a summary of the polls.

We will just have to see.

9:18 PM, May 15, 2006  
Blogger Vern1966 said...

" least there is a platform..."

And what a platform! Defraud Indian tribes, manipulate elections, bribery, spying on your own citizens and lying about it, tax breaks for corporations and the wealthiest Americans, destroying the environment, removing the separation of church and state, dangerously expanding executive power, a terribly mismanaged "war on terror", exploiting an atmosphere of fear for political gain, suressing scientific progress, record deficits, mismanagement of the worst natural disaster in US history,....very impressive. Lots to vote for.

1:00 PM, May 16, 2006  
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