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Thursday, May 04, 2006


When I first heard the verdict yesterday I had mixed feelings. Part of me thought that a life sentence would be a greater punishment because Moussaoui would not become a martyr and not get his 72 virgins. Another part of me, because of who he represents and what he was involved in, wanted to see him fry! Then I realized that throughout the court proceedings we have missed an opportunity to actually send a profound message to Al Qaeda and terrorists in general. The life sentence for Moussaoui or capitol punishment does not send a message that would give Al Qaeda or terrorism pause. Everyone has been congratulating themselves because this trial has proven that our system of government works and the legal system has performed its job in convicting and sentencing Moussaoui. While in one respect that is very true for this trial shows that our freedoms and our laws are true and real. Yet where this trial has failed is in proving to the world that the ideology that creates a Moussaoui or any other terrorist is evil and an abomination to any civilized people. Moussaoui was portrayed as a troubled child who because of his childhood became vulnerable to the likes of Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. He was almost shown to be a victim and not the persona of terrorism that he is.

After WWII the Allies held war crimes trials in Nuremberg, Germany. While many of the Nazi war criminals were on trial the true defendant that was being prosecuted was the ideology of National Socialism that gave rise to the Third Reich and the crimes against humanity as well as the pure evil that constituted the murder of 6 million Jews as well as the destruction of Europe. Those who served under the brain wash of the Nazi Party and Hitler though individually on trial were more so on trial for what their ideological belief gave credence in their minds and allowed them to perform the disgusting atrocities that took place during the reign of Adolph Hitler. Though each individual that was convicted in Nuremberg was punished for his responsibility in the acts of the Third Reich the trial actually showcased to the world that that type of evil and ideology would not and could not be allowed to flourish again.

Moussaoui not only represented his personal responsibility for 9/11 but the ideology of Al Qaeda and terrorism. For him to be portrayed as a hapless victim of Al Qaeda and the ideology of hatred and disregard for life that terrorism represents to be left out of the trial equation sends a message of weakness to those that we fight. Moussaoui will languish in prison justifiably for the rest of his life but the travesty of his trial is that Al Qaeda and terrorism was let off the hook. Just as Nuremberg tried and convicted the ideology of the Nazis this trial should also have tried and convicted the ideology of terrorism. Would it have made a difference ? Quite possibly. As the publicity and later the full transcript and retelling of the Moussaoui trial takes place the true evil of terrorism if it had been put on trial as National Socialism was put on trial in Nuremberg could have discouraged others from following this evil ideology. As the true form of terrorism could have been displayed to the world then world governments may have become allies in this war on terror in the same respect that the world banned together to prevent the rise of National Socialism ever again. This also proves why the justice system alone cannot work in defeating terrorism. Unfortunately evil incarnate as terrorism is demands action and force to bring about its final destruction. We fight not against just individuals that wish to kill us but an ideology that teaches our destruction. The Nazis had this type of ideology that gave rise to their evil and force defeated them. The same applies to terrorism. Their defeat will come and their ideology will fail.

Ken Taylor


Blogger C.I.R. Deputy said...

"I can live with death for him… I am disturbed by the whole process, the idea of putting a person like him on trial -- a civilian trial with a lawyer, a stage on which to address the world and to manipulate our system for 4.5 years at incredible expense. He ought to be treated like the soldier in Al Qaeda, the unlawful combatant he is. Either left to rot in prison until the war he and Al Qaeda declared on us in 1998 is over; or like FDR and the German saboteurs – put them before a military court which does not have some of the bleeding heart litigation that you had in this civilian trial… To give them all the protections of our Constitution is a terrible mistake. It is a misunderstanding, what we have here are warriors not common criminals."
-Charles Krauthammer

Courtesy of the CIR.

6:18 PM, May 05, 2006  
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