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Friday, May 19, 2006


Yesterday had to be one of the most maniacal days that has ever been in the chambers of the United States Senate since this countries government came into being! If I had viewed the proceedings on television I would have expected to see Daffy Duck running from Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny up to his tricks then as the Senate session closed hearing Porky Pig say, "ththththaaaaats al folks!" The day was that looney! On the surface what came out of this session seems harmless enough. The Senate passed legislation making English our national language. My first thought was, "ah, well duh," then I found that there has actually, until yesterday, never been legislation that mandated this. So, ok this is a good idea, right? Well sort of. The Senate in their infinite wisdom passed the bill by an overwhelming majority, but in the same bill left actually USING English as an option. The bill stated that multiple language selections would still be used for all government paper work and that the country could choose the language they would use which means that nothing changes except that the Senate got a few headlines that told a partial story. So this being the case then what in the world did this bill accomplish ? Absolutely NOTHING! Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid then accused the bill of being racist and that it was a direct stab at the Spanish language. In the next breath he apologized to the sponsor of the bill Senator Jim Inhofe so as not to call him a racist, just anyone who abides by the bill. This despite the fact that a recent Zogby poll shows that 84% of Americans believe that English should be required to being a citizen and 77% of Hispanics believe it also. Then Reid proceeded to tell the, " heart wrenching story," ( sarcastic tears flow as I recall the story, sniff, sniff), of a member of his staff named Fredrico who is a citizen and had to go to the hospital and was afraid that he would not be able to explain what was wrong with him unless he explained it to a nurse in Spanish. This despite the fact that Fredrico who is from Puerto Rico and as Reid stated spoke very good English with a slight accent. Now I ask you how does Fredrico work and communicate on Reid's staff but afraid of NOT being able to communicate in English at the Hospital? Hold the phone folks the Senate lunacy does not end with the language bill. Additional legislation spear headed by Senator John McCain, ( his participation should already place you on guard), actually condones identity theft! According to the bill illegal aliens now will receive Social Security benefits EVEN IF THE SOCIAL SECURITY IDENTIFICATION WAS FORGED OR ALTERED TO FALSIFY THEIR EMPLOYMENT!!!!! The Senate has gone nuts. Now I am 16 years from retirement age and am not concerned about Social Security because I am making additional preparation for retirement but there are many Americans who view this as their only means of retirement income. Now thanks to the Senate those who have violated our laws have the same right to what will soon become a bankrupt program, (unless something changes to revitalize the program), as those who have labored in the country as citizens their whole working life! McCain actually thinks this will earn him points for the 2008 Republican nomination for President ? Not hardly! This is a prime example of why these nuts who are in the Senate need to have a wake up call in both parties and realize that they work for us and we have the Constitutional right to FIRE THEM, at the ballot box! In the GOP the rebellion against these blue blood, country club, "moderate, " Republicans has begun! Conservatives are making their voice heard at the polls. This Sunday in , "The Sunday Commentary, " I will go into detail about this 2006 rebellion and how it is already beginning to effect the Party and the future to the positive. Meanwhile the Senate is obviously going to continue their lunatic antics. So as Porky says, "thththaaaaaaats all folks!!!!"

Ken Taylor


Blogger C.I.R. Deputy said...

So let me get this right. At airports we need to make sure that you "packed your own bags" (even though they will go through security regardless).

Yet we are going to allow anyone and everyone to get all the benefits of a program, regardless of proof? In doing so, hemorrhaging money from the treasury. Money that the actual citizens may need incase of a massive health epidemic or other issue.

Oh, wouldn't it be rich to find out that we were paying for Mohammed Atta's medical care.

7:44 PM, May 21, 2006  
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