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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


As if the illegal alien debacle did not have enough garbage to deal with and anger the country the Border Patrol, who is supposed to be actively protecting our borders and using all means at their disposal to prevent illegals from entering this nation, these ding bats are actually informing the Mexican government as to the location of the various Minuteman watches in order to give the aliens a heads up when crossing the border! According to a Mexican government website for the Secretary of Foreign relations three documents are posted that require the Border Patrol to inform the Mexican government of the Minuteman or any other civilian group monitoring the border and their location. United States Custom Service verified the notification program as a measure to reassure the Mexican government that illegals rights are not being violated. RIGHT, WHAT RIGHTS ?!?! The , "right, " to break our laws and illegally cross into our country? There are many who oppose the Minutemen because they are a civilian group who monitor the border and do nothing more then inform the Border Patrol of the crossing of an illegal and if necessary detain them until the Border Patrol arrives. What in the world is wrong with that ? I do not hear of any advocacy group complaining about the Community Watch Program which is in most of our communities in the United States that performs the same service where we live. If a member of the Community Watch group monitors any action that is potential trouble or a violation of the law in their community then they inform the authorities, as do the Minutemen and in some cases actually detain the perpetrator until police arrive. Again, what's the difference? The only difference that I see is that the Minutemen are monitoring illegal aliens who are politically correct which makes the law abiding citizen who monitors the border and turns in the illegal politically incorrect thus an enemy. Don't be surprised if you hear a thunderous noise coming from the ground for it will be the sound of George Washington and the Founding Fathers turning over in their graves!!!

Ken Taylor


Blogger Vern1966 said...

Here's something that the left has got to say to themselves and each other and everyone else very loudly: "Illegal immigration is BAD." Immigration is great, and yes, we should have have quotas that more realistically accomidate todays realities. But illegal immigration is just plain BAD. No, a fence won't STOP the flow, but it will sure slow it down, and make a bolstered Border Patrol program (that Bush has consistently failed to fund) easier to enforce. And BTW, what is with the fences that are there now that I see on the news? Who was the designer of those?!? They look more like step-ladders than fences. My kids could clear 'em!!

Now, any rightee (or leftee) that calls for Mexico and other Latin American countries to get their own house in order so that their people don't have to leave to support their families need look no farther than NAFTA to see who has really screwed these people over. This act MUST be repealed.

Some perspective, though, as to how much this has been overblown by the right as a Latino issue. The percentage of those in this country without proper documentation that are from Mexico is estimated to be...any guesses?...20%. So we have a lot more to do than just build a fence along the southern border, and if this administration would get serious about security instead of mismanaging a ridiculous "war on terror" by screwing around in an Iraqi money-pit, that we could do it. Hopefully, the Dems will get it right.

1:46 PM, May 17, 2006  
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