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Monday, May 01, 2006


Senators have used it as an excuse for amnesty programs. House Members have used it as an excuse to claim that it would devastate the economy. The President has used it as an excuse for a, "guest worker program." Yet today despite the hundreds of thousands who boycotted work, shopping and other activities to participate in organized protests and the untold millions who did not protest but also did not work, go to school or shop the United States of America still continued to operate. Business' continued to stay open. The stock market closed at 4:30 eastern time as usual, traffic backed up during morning and evening rush hours and life as we know it continued its daily task. The farce that the media and politicians have continued to push even to the point that the very illegals that they are referring to believe their clout is stronger that it truly is was revealed for the lie that it is today as the country went on with business as usual. Yes, their were certain business' that suffered today. Builders, landscaper and reports of certain factories with decreased or no production but as a whole this boycott failed. I also noticed that the main focus for the protest, shutting down Los Angeles, Fresno, Chicago, New York and Phoenix did not happen either. As I listened to news reports throughout the day the reporters were dramatically painting a picture of the suffering and plight of illegal aliens yet not once did I hear an interview with an illegal. Interviews were with legal immigrants or their descendants supporting the boycott. One Latino news anchor was quoted quite heavily. Yet the nation still moved on and life continued despite the fear mongoring that the illegal advocates and the press tried to express. Will this failure pursued our elected officials to finally enforce the law ? Unfortunately, I think not. Though I did hear some encouraging news as certain Congressman saw this as having a backlash effect thus causing a gain in support of those of us who favor strict enforcement of the law and securing the borders. The President actually chimed in over the weekend concerning the controversy over the Spanish version of the National Anthem stating that if you wish to be a citizen and/or live in this country that English is our language and it should be spoken and the Anthem should be sung in English. Maybe his head is beginning to turn. Those who have broken our laws have no rights and as such protesting for rights is of no concern or consequence. If they go through the proper channels to enter this country then God bless them and welcome to America. The American dream is available for those who earn the right to become a citizen and obey the law. To those who are illegal then there is no American dream only the cause of an American nightmare.

Ken Taylor


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