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Friday, May 26, 2006


As most of you I am sure know by now the Senate on Thursday passed a , "comprehensive, "immigration bill that betrays the conservative base in the GOP and I dare say the vast majority of the American people. This amnesty bill allows more freedom for illegals than we as citizens have as given us by the Constitution. Additionally the border security provision that has been touted by the Senate as an increase in security and has the addition of 300 miles of border fence is a farce. Arlen Spector and Dick Durbin tacked on an amendment at the last minute that basically states that a fence can be constructed ONLY if it does not offend the Mexican government and the Mexican Provence where the fence is to be constructed. In other words a fence cannot be constructed unless we get permission from the Mexican side of the fence even though it would be constructed on U.S. soil. This bill will also allow at least 60 million and as many as 120 million additional immigrants both legal and illegal into the country not counting the 12 million already here receiving amnesty by this bill. This over the next 20 years. This bill is a betrayal to the American people and to the foundations that this country was built upon. It is an insult to every immigrant and their descendants of which most of us are that has ever entered this nation. Following is a list of the Republicans who voted for this ridiculous and unconstitutional piece of legislation. South Carolina's Lindsay Graham whom I called and left a rather heated message of his betrayal to his constituency actually stated in an interview that if the Republicans did not vote for the disgusting bill then there would be a backlash at the polls in November. Senator Graham BECAUSE you and the following Republicans voted FOR the bill there will be a backlash. Conservative candidates are winning primaries to replace incumbents who are not listening to the people. In 2008 my state will do the same to Graham unless he wakes up and even then this betrayal may prove to be his undoing. Here is the list of GOP who have betrayed conservatism and the Republican Party. During this Holiday weekend I urge each of you to call and fill the message center with our disgust at this betrayal! Had these Republicans voted against this bill as they should have, it would have been defeated by a majority of 58 - 42.

Robert Bennett (UT): (202) 224-5444 - Sam Brownback (KS): (202) 224-6521 - Lincoln Chafee (RI): (202) 224-2921 - Norm Coleman (MN): (202) 224-5641 - Susan Collins (ME) (202) 224-2523 - Larry Craig (ID): (202) 224-2752 - Mike DeWine (OH): (202) 224-2315 - Pete Domenici (NM): (202) 224-6621 - Bill Frist (TN): (202) 224-3344 - Lindsay Graham (SC): (202) 224-5972 - Judd Gregg (NH): (202) 224-3324 - Chuck Hagel (NE): (202) 224-4224 - Richard Lugar (IN): (202) 224-4814 - Mel Martinez (FL): (202) 224-3041 - John McCain (AZ): (202) 224-2235 - Mitch McConnell (KY): (202) 224-2541 - Lisa Murkowski (AK): (202) 224-6665 - Gordon Smith (OR): (202) 224-3753 - Olympia Snowe (ME): 202) 224-5344 - Arlen Specter (PA): (202) 224-4254 - Ted Stevens (AK): (202) 224-3004 - George Voinovich (OH): (202) 224-3353 - John Warner (VA): (202) 224-2023

Ken Taylor


Blogger MDConservative said...

In addition, don't forget to look at the Hayden vote. 78-15 to confirm and Specter was the ONLY republican to vote against Hayden.

10:29 AM, May 27, 2006  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Thanks I was not aware of Spectors vote. He is not to be trusted!


6:50 PM, May 27, 2006  
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