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Monday, April 10, 2006


If the United States Constitution could shed a tear then today would have been that day! In sixty cities throughout the country massive protests for, "immigration reform," were held supporting the 11 million illegal alien/immigrants who have broken our laws defied our Constitution and now are trying to force their will upon our nation. With cries that this is the civil rights movement of today and speakers in the Washington march like Senators Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton who praised illegals for their work and presence in the country today marked a terrible point in our nation. This was one of the most disgusting moments in our entire history. A day when thousands most of which are here in violation of our laws and have no Constitutional right to protest because they are in violation of the law cried out demanding that we adapt our laws to give them amnesty from their violation. This is not about immigration reform or immigration rights because every illegal is not an immigrant by the legal definition of the law but a criminal who has violated the law. Additionally this has nothing to do with civil rights because as illegal aliens they have no civil rights in this country because as law breakers they have no American rights as granted by the Constitution. There is no comparison of today's protest and this issue and the civil rights movement of the sixties. The civil rights movement was about fulfilling the Constitutional rights of legal citizens of the United States who were being denied certain rights as a citizen because of prejudice and race. This is not a civil rights movement nor an immigration argument but a sad statement that those who are in our country illegally are demanding that we as Americans who have been born or legally immigrated to this nation must accept this illegal activity and freely give those who have not earned the right to live in this country all of the benefits that we have as citizens and Americans. Our elected officials are not listening to the out cry of Americans but the illegal whining of the alien mobs that are demanding what they have no right to have as law breakers. Business will not fail for if they would then the tens of thousands who were not at work today would have caused a shut down of business throughout the country. We are the United States of America NOT the United States of Northern Mexico and it is time that those in Washington listened to the people and not the 11 million who do not vote for them, who do not pay their salaries and who do not have a voice in ANY activity in Washington or this country. Democrats are actually campaigning at the marches to garner votes from these illegal aliens promising government assistance for their vote. Republicans are bowing to business that has created a false fear of bankruptcy if illegals are dealt with by the law. Both are wrong and both had better start listening to those of us who have hired them by our vote to represent us in accordance to the Constitution which is our law! The Constitution is by WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES, not by they the aliens of another country illegally in the United States. We the people demand that our voice be heard and that our rights which are violated by having to pay for illegal alien activity through medical costs, welfare and other types of assistance be restored to us by enforcing the law and dealing with illegal alien activity as the law and the people demand!

Ken Taylor


Blogger Gayle said...

I want to seriously tell you how much I appreciate this post. You have duplicated my thoughts exactly. But you have done more than that... you have posted them for me.

I have slowed down on blogging out of necessity, and there are so many issues out there. I felt that many others would be posting on this today, and so I posted on Iran instead. Many others have posted on this today, but this is the best one I've seen yet. I don't believe anyone can beat it either.

You said: "The Constitution is by WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES, not by they the aliens of another country illegally in the United States."

We ought to make a flag that says that, and march!

2:23 AM, April 11, 2006  
Blogger Mark said...

I've been pretty busy lately and I haven't had a lot of time to visit blogs. I just wanted you to know I still pop in and read when I get a chance.

9:58 PM, April 11, 2006  
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