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Sunday, April 23, 2006


First let me state that diplomacy by all means should be exhausted before any country goes to war. War in itself is a tragedy but a necessary evil that brings about results when all else fails. The problem between war and diplomacy is that some not only do not consider war tragic but have no distaste or fear of it. Ask any civilized soldier or commander whether military or civilian and they will agree that they hate war. They will also tell you that they realize that war is necessary because of those who do not have the same fear and respect for it. Diplomacy is always the best method but diplomacy many times does not achieve the needed result. There are those who also do not believe in diplomacy except as a means to delay and prepare for military conflict. Adolph Hitler was this type of , "diplomat, " Josef Stalin was also this type of , "diplomat, " and unfortunately the current regime in Iran is also this type of, "diplomat!" Since the 70's when the fanatical Islamic theocracy that controls Iran took power, the leadership has proven time and again that the only reason for diplomacy is to deceive other nations long enough so that Iran could achieve whatever goal that they were seeking. In the past the nations of the world have accepted this , "diplomatic, " method by Iran and Iran has used this type of deceptive diplomacy to develop a nuclear capability that now threatens the Middle East, Asia and Europe through missile strike capability and the United States and other more geographically western nations with the possibility of nuclear terrorism. Iran has a history of deception using diplomatic means to stretch the envelope long enough to fulfill whatever it desires. They have never under this regime been a nation that cooperated with other nations nor desired to be a part of peaceful nations of the world. They have been clear sponsors of Islamic terrorism and now look to expand their arsenal with nuclear capability. Some argue that Iran seeks this capability to allow defense from other nuclear powers in the region such as Israel and Russia. Yet whenever the rhetoric from Iran escalates defense is not in the vocabulary only the Islamic fanaticism to destroy Israel and the west which is what they have preached since the beginnings of this regime. Why then will diplomacy fail with Iran? First, they do not believe in it except as a deception and second, they do not fear military retaliation but actually desire it. Their arrogance causes a belief that they will be the ultimate victor because of the weakness of the west that does not follow their fanaticism. Additionally their desire is the destruction of those who do not believe as they do and that is where the danger lies. This fanatical attitude will not allow them to use nuclear capabilities as a deterrent as we and other nations do but as a means to attack and achieve their goal of destruction of the west and those in the their region who do not believe as they do.

There have been many historic examples compared to Iran but I believe the clearest example is the Soviet Union. Their communist fanaticism drove them to expansion and domination of their neighbors and a desire to conquer the world. Several bad political decision toward the end of WWII contributed to early Soviet expansionism especially in Europe because of the policy of different spheres of influence in post war Europe which gave the Soviets the means and ability to quickly expand. They just as Iran over the next several decades used diplomacy as a means to deceive the world and continue to press their communist fanaticism and expansion. Throughout what would become known as the Cold War the Soviets backed down from their fanatic militarism only twice. In 1962 when President Kennedy stood steadfast to their threats in Cuba and a nuclear confrontation. Kennedy's refusal to back down caused the Soviets to blink thus ending the Cuban Missile Crises. The second time was when President Reagan again refused despite world criticism to back down from the Soviets and called their diplomatic bluffs with a military expansion that eventually brought about the collapse of the, "Evil Empire."

The major difference between the Soviet Union and the fanatical Islamic regime in Iran is clear. The Soviets despite their fanaticism and expansionism feared military response to their actions. The world as a whole appeased this until Reagan called their bluff and brought about their defeat. Iran does not fear the strength of the United States nor any other nation of the world. Their fanatical arrogance unlike that of the Soviets does not fear but actually desires military retaliation which does not lead to a diplomatic solution nor a solution by any other peaceful means. Those who believe that Iran is seeking nuclear capability for energy purposes are deceiving themselves and thinking of Iran as a nation that desires peace. Those that believe that Iran is seeking nuclear capability only to defend itself from nuclear neighbors as a deterrent again are deceiving themselves. Iran does not believe that peace is an answer. They do not believe that strength is a means to deter an enemy. Rather they believe that any nation or people who do not believe as they do deserves only destruction if they do not become as Iran and fanatical Islam. The Soviets followed a political dogma that feared their destruction which in itself became a deterrent. Iran follows a religious dogma that arrogantly does not fear its destruction because of martyrdom and believes that they will be the destroyer ! Does the west and in particular the United States have the means to defeat this fanatical regime ? Absolutely ! The hope has always been that by supporting those in Iran who do not follow the Islamic fanaticism and seek a democratic Iran that a time would come that their desire for freedom would overcome the fanatics who rule the country. The problem now is that time for this is quickly running out and the military option is drawing closer. Many who know now believe that Iran is closer to nuclear capability that is conventionally thought. A report surfaced last week of Iran and nuclear facilities underground that are much further along than previously thought, ( ). Should diplomacy continue ? By all means. Yet this situation is a powder gag waiting to blow and time is running out to act and unfortunately because of their history and their fanatic belief act through military strength is what the world will have to do.

Ken Taylor


Blogger MDConservative said...

In this process of "diplomacy" there needs to be terms along the way. If countries say stop development, Iran continues... International response comes back as a shrug of the shoulders and "what could we really do?"

Well, when they don't listen to you stop trading with them before talks continue. If nothing works then try bombs.

As for the continuation of the updating of their facilities, they know we can monitor a large amount of this via satellite. When you see one small tunnel and mounds upon mounds of earth leaving... they are going ahead with bunkers. Who knows what they are for and how soon they will be used?

To add to your Soviet parallel. When the military build-down came to be, the US placed rows of B-52s in the desert. They would sit there for a month for Soviet Govt. to count. Then the wings cut off, left for another month. So on and so on. We placed things in the open for the other govt. to review. NOW, Iran is building ways of hiding things, quite different!

The whole reason I see none of this going anywhere is because of many of the reasons reviewed in the movie "Broken Promises: UN at 60." Ron Silver did quite a good job and I highly recommend it to anyone who doubts the UN, and even more of a MUST SEE for those that think the UN is the saving power of this world.

11:12 PM, April 23, 2006  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

That is what makes Iran so dangerous, because they use diplomacy as a way do decieve while continuing to build. A show of strength could work but again they do not fear us from a military stand point. Diplomacy first but in the end the only thing I believe that they will understand is military action. Some say that this will grant them the wish of becoming martyrs. Possibly but better they as martrys than those they can attack as casualties. The response by the Muslim world to Iran's martyrdom can be dealt with at that time but at least it won't be responding to a nuclear threat.

Anything that goes through the U.N. will fail because one, they are weak and two, they support totalitarian dictatorship whether theocratic or otherwise.


3:39 PM, April 24, 2006  
Blogger Vern1966 said...

Having supported the invasion of Iraq initially, but then coming to the conclusion that we should leave a.s.a.p. because we've screwed it up so badly, I've got mixed feelings about Iran. In this case there's no disputing that it would be a far more dangerous world if they had nuke weapons capability. And they don't seem to be doing anything to disspell the impression that that is what they are headed for. So they don't make it very easy for anyone to oppose direct action very strongly.

However, there are several nagging problems that I need to consider. First, my impression of what's happening is built primarily upon what I see on the news (intellectually lazy, I know). And much like the lead-up to the Iraq war, what we see is not always representative of the truth. It is representative of what gets ratings. Thus, lots of bluster, paranoia-stoking, and generalizations. Also, the Bush Administration's total lack of credibility makes any claim they make extremely suspect. Why, as well, did we not negotiate with them when THEY came to US to talk about nuclear power before the Iraq invasion? AND...the US must seem, to the rest of the world, to be using a double standard. I mean, aren't we accelerating our nuclear arms development? Didn't we just violate the disarmament treaty with that whole India deal?

These are vexing concerns, and it certainly doesn't help that we're so bogged down in Iraq that we are much less able, from lack of resources and world support, to respond to real threats like Iran seems to be.

4:30 PM, April 28, 2006  
Blogger Vern1966 said...

Here's a thing, though. Aren't we, to some degree, living in a glass house and throwing stones? I mean, I don't think it would be too hard for an Iranian to draw upon enough examples of US foreign policy to make the claim that America "does not believe that peace is an answer." They'd probably start with the Shah of Iran, and go from there. Yes, America is by far the most compassionate place on earth (or at least, there are lots worse places to be). But let's not be overly pious.

4:50 PM, April 28, 2006  
Blogger MDConservative said...


Ok, don't believe the US. How about the IAEA saying things are not going well and they are sending it to the UN Security Council (Which will maintain its uselessness in the world and take no action).

In response Iran says, let me paraphrase, "F--- You!"

This should be easier to sell than Iraq. What if they only get 1 bomb, only one? But use it on one of the North Korean missiles to hit Israel or Europe? Who's help will they ask for?

When asked we have to attend to everyone else’s need in this world, but when WE want to make a decision that is prohibited.

9:36 AM, April 29, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.

6:58 PM, May 20, 2006  
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