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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay announced that he would not seek re-election and will be giving up his House seat in June. Immediately the liberal media began touting this as a admittance of guilt, or a defeat for the GOP and a victory for those who have been after Delay for quite some time. To an extent this is a minor victory for the left because their antics have succeeded in ending Delay's leadership roll and now giving up his seat. Yet his decision though being seen by the left as covering up his true reasons, was based on his party loyalty and for the betterment of the GOP because the publicity was a hinderance. Since the accusations about Delay surfaced the Republican Party in the House has not totally abandoned DeLay but they have not been overly supportive either. None of the actions of today nor his lack of support within the party are in any way an admittance of guilt by Delay, ( I know you on the left are saying, "yeah right Ken"). This is actually a party loyalist taking a hit for the sake of the party. Delay would most likely win a re-election bid this November but in order for him to run the RNC would have to use a larger than normal amount of money and resources in order to combat the huge amounts of both that the DNC would place in the campaign of the Democratic challenger BECAUSE that challenger was facing Delay. Additionally there would be a ridiculous amount of attention given this race by the media which would have the effect of drawing a balance of attention from other races thus possibly giving a disadvantage to other House Republicans running across the country. DeLay giving up his seat in June will cause a special election to fill the empty seat which will be won by a Republican because Delay's district outside of Houston, Texas is majority Republican. Whoever then takes his place in June would the be running as an incumbent in November which would give an advantage to Delay's replacement. I am already prepared for the comments that will accompany this post which claim that Delay is a crook and that he resigned because of the indictments and his aids involvement with Abromoff. So I will answer those comments in advance. First indictment does NOT mean guilt! Ronnie Earl the prosecutor who brought the indictments is a Democrat political hack who had announced long before the charges that he was out to get DeLay. When he could not get his wish with the first Grand Jury he went Jury shopping until he found one that would agree with him. The foremen of that Jury stated that he had made up his mind BEFORE seeing the evidence, (or lack there of), because of political commercials that DeLay had aired in Texas that angered him. The, "charges, " that DeLay is indicted on did NOT exist in Texas law at the time that DeLay is supposed to have laundered money and what he did is a common practice with ALL political campaigns regardless of party and is NOT illegal. As far as the aid, I ask this question. If a business owner has and employee that confesses to a crime that he committed while employed does that implicate the employer ? Absolutely NOT. The same applies to DeLay. When all is said and done Delay will be found innocent or the case will be dropped because Earl and the DNC already have what they were after. The resignation of Tom Delay. I am sure that the DNC and the House and Senate leadership believe that they now have the upper hand with the GOP. All I can say is don't count you eggs before they hatch. Remember when Delay stepped down as Majority leader the GOP still functioned and there have been a great deal of activity coming out of the House without DeLay at the helm. This might be a bump in the road, but if it is only a pebble!

Ken Taylor


Blogger Rob said...

You do realize that DeLay is likely to be indicted by Federal prosecutors from Bush's Justice Department? The facts about the K-Street project that DeLay ran are coming to light. On Friday, DeLay's Deputy Chief of Staff pled guilty to federal corruption charges and agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors. I would say that DeLay can see the writing on the wall.

Very soon, you won't be able to blame Ronnie Earle - who by the way has prosecuted 4 times as many Democrats as Republicans. The whole "Earle is a Democratic on a witch hunt" does not hold any water when you look at his record.

Corruption should be rooted out - Republican or Democrat. I suspect that we will see another 3-6 congressmen (likely Republicans) under investigation and/or indicted over the next couple of months. Bob Ney (R) of Ohio is likely to be the next to go down.

11:48 AM, April 05, 2006  
Blogger Republican Aficionado said...

This is a great political move by DeLay, and it just shows how much smarter Republicans are politically. The Democrats don't know their head from their ass when it comes to strategic political moves. DeLay won his primary by a huge majority, and he is leaving now, because he knows no Democrat will be able to take his seat. They love DeLay in his district, and they'll love whoever takes his seat for the Republicans because DeLay will endorse him or her. Democrats hate it that this guy is stepping down because now they don't have anything to move on in that particular race.

12:43 PM, April 05, 2006  
Blogger Rob said...

I am happy he is out because he is corrupt. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that a federal indictment is likely and that he would not have been able to serve out another term. In addition, he needs to raise as much money as he can for lawyers.

If you think he is a hero - good for you. Celebrate his corruption, that is your right. I don't think Texas voters in the 22nd District are going to "love" someone that DeLay endorses when he is facing a state and a federal indictment. DeLay was running about 10 points behind in polls in his district. I don't see the "love" that you are referring to.

3:00 PM, April 05, 2006  
Blogger Robin said...

I love his "new" take no prisoners attitude since he announced his retirement. Delay has come out swinging and I have a feeling he will let loose Real Good before he leaves.

I do not believe that he will be indicted for anything involving Abramhoff. If he was involved, it would be out in the open by now.

10:08 PM, April 05, 2006  
Blogger Republican Aficionado said...

Umm, he won his primary by a huge margin, so I don't know what the hell you're talking about.

11:52 PM, April 05, 2006  
Blogger Rob said...

Do some reading. First, it was a REPUBLICAN primary. Dems and Independents don't vote in a REPUBLICAN primary. Second, turnout was low because no one knew the three candidates who ran against him. Third, he won his primary by the lowest margin in years. Fourth, it was clear that he was trailing the Democrat badly in virtually every poll taken. He is unelectable in a district that is 64 percent Republican - that should tell you something.

I would encourage you to dig a little deeper than headlines when you read so that you actually know what you are talking about before accusing me of ignorance.

9:45 AM, April 06, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI, this is from the Houston Chronicle dated April 4, 2006:

Only half of those who cast ballots for DeLay in 2004 said they will do so again. And while a fourth of the 2004 DeLay voters still aren't sure whom they will vote for this year, almost 20 percent have defected to other candidates.

9:45 AM, April 08, 2006  
Blogger Vern1966 said...

"This is a great political move..." from RA:

Admittedly, Dems aren't nearly as adept at manipulation, corruption, cronyism, etc. These traits are Republicans' greatest strengths. You must be very proud.


5:58 PM, April 27, 2006  
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