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Monday, October 29, 2012


A President must be a leader not one who just reacts to a situation based on political expediency. Barack Obama has shown throughout his Presidency that he does not lead he reacts to polls and how he perceives his response will affect him politically. Hurricane Sandy and Libya are the two latest examples of how Obama fails in leadership and only reacts from a political view point.

Over the weekend Mitt Romney in response to the coming storm began collecting relief supplies and donations for those affected by the storm. He ordered all of his campaign buses to end being used in the campaign and filled with supplies to be taken to needed areas of relief as the storm approached and in the after math of the Hurricane.

Barack Obama on the other hand reacted only AFTER he realized his action would damage him politically. Obama had a campaign rally planned in Orlando, Florida on this Monday morning as the storm is approaching the East Coast of New Jersey and forcasted to make land fall with record flooding and damage to the Northeast. Ignoring the Hurricane, Obama left The White House boarding Air Force 1, flew to Orlando and only AFTER landing in Florida decided to cancel the campaign stop 90 minutes after arriving and returning to Washington to look like he is monitoring the situation with the storm. To little to late as a true leader would have planned BEFORE leaving.

The situation is similar with the news from the attack against our Consulate in Libya continues to pour out showing the failure of Obama and his direct involvement in ordering help as the attack took place to stand down and did everything to protect his political hide rather than protect Americans that were being murdered.  Yet one more nail in the coffin in the end of the Obama Presidency came to light because of Libya over the weekend.

General Carter Ham Commander of Africom was receiving the same e-mails reporting the attacks in Libya and asking for help as the attacks were taking place. As a good commanding officer Ham immediately ordered rapid response units ready to prepare for deployment to assist in Libya and informed the Pentagon. Ham was order from The White House to stand down. The General would not let this order stand and was preparing to send help regardless of his orders and within moments after making this decision was relived of his command by his deputy Commander who was acting under direct Presidential order and the Deputy Commander upon relieving Ham ordered the rapid response units to stand down.

Leadership is not a political decision. Leadership takes charge regardless of the consequences and does what is necessary and what is right. Obama seeks first to protect his political hide then decides in accordance to how he thinks it will best help his ideology and his policy rather than dong his job and protect Americans in harms way. As a result Ambassador Stevens in dead and two former Navy Seals died as heroes saving Americans while being abandoned by a political animal who fails miserably as Commander in Chief.  November 6 is only a week away and we the people will end this nightmare who sits in The Oval Office by our vote!

Ken Taylor  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

lies lies lies, ignorance is bliss should be the GOPs slogan, what do you think about Christie?

3:24 PM, October 30, 2012  
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