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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


There is aggressive and there is petty with a fine line between the two when it comes to a debate. Obama tried to be aggressive but came off as petty with childish and snide remarks that will not play well with voters. Romney proved in the third debate what he needed to, that he was capable of taking on the responsibility of Commander in Chief and according to focus groups and polling after the debate nearly 70% of those asked now trust him as Commander in Chief.

No candidate running for President who has not already held the Office is an, "expert," on foreign policy.  Foreign policy is an understanding of world affairs and the place of The United States in those affairs. Romney clearly showed in the debate that he not only understood but would lead from a position of strength not apology and appeasement. Obama has four years of actual hands on policy and we see chaos in the Middle East and an American weakness that has allowed Al Qaeda to regroup and our allies to be concerned while our enemies seek to take advantage of that weakness.

Obama needed a knock out blow tonight to stop the bleeding and the Romney momentum. He clearly did not get that. While on points he may have won the debate, Romney was more confident and had a clearer vision for America. Obama also was caught in several lies that fact checkers did not have to research long to find the truth.

Obama claimed the cuts in the military through sequester that will be automatic in January were not of his making and that he would not allow them to take place. The truth is that when the debt ceiling deal was made last year, Obama INSISTED that the only way he would sign the deal was if automatic cuts were included in the deal. He not only wants them he DEMANDED them for his signature.

His contention that bayonets are no longer used in our military shows his complete disconnect with our troops as infantry and the Marines still use bayonets when on the field of battle.  Obama said Iran will not have nuclear weapons yet reports are appearing that he personally wrote Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that he thought Iran had a right to a nuclear program and weapons.  Also he is seeking one on one talks with Iran which he did not deny during the debate. A position every President prior to him has objected to because it gives Iran credibility and places them on the same playing field as The United States.

As was expected the debate on foreign policy shifted to the number one issue of this election, the economy and Romney clearly won this part of the debate. He stated that without a strong economy The United States cannot have a strong foreign policy which has be proven not only with Obama's weak foreign policy but during the Carter years when the US was weak and also had a failed economy.

Will this debate make a difference in the election? No except for the fact that voters did see Romney as a leader who understands foreign policy which shows he is a balanced candidate who can restore the economy and make us strong in the world.  Romney's momentum will continue and November 6 will be a good day for America, our future and the election of a new President with the end of the Obama plague.

Ken Taylor


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