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Tuesday, October 02, 2012


There are dozens of legitimate reasons to not vote for Barack Obama ranging from the failed economy and Obama policy that have taken it from bad to much worse to a foreign policy that has exploded with massive anti American protests and the murder of our Ambassador by terrorists that Obama claims do not exist.  All extremely good reason not to reelect this failed President and all legitimate reasons to be concerned about our Nations future if Obama is allowed another four years.

Yet there are four important reasons that are not being mentioned that if taken into consideration could have an equal or even greater impact on the future of our Nation if Obama is reelected.  Most Americans do not realize that four yes, four Supreme Court Justices are over 70 years of age and likely will retire and/or die in the next four years.

I know talking about the possible death of a Supreme Court Justice is a harsh reality but it is a reality that is a  major concern with the possible reelection of Barack Obama.  The entire direction of the Court and future of our country is at stake in this election and an Obama dominated Court would not only change the country but Judicial activism would become the norm for the Court for decades.

We have seen first hand the type of Justices Obama chooses for the High Court in the persons of Sonia Sotomayer and Elena Kagen both activists and extremely liberal in their views.  Both consider the Constitution as only one of many guides to determine their decisions and have no problem with using court decisions and law from other countries in making their decisions.  A regular practice in the past with Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer. Fortunately the two additions Obama has made to the Court have not changed the make up of the Court since they replaced Justices whose views were already liberal leaning.

But with four Justices advanced in age and one of the four already indicating he is waiting for Obama to be reelected to retire, the Court will be changed from a more conservative Court to an extremely liberal Court if Obama is reelected.  Following are the four who would likely be replaced in the next four years:

Antonin Scalia  - 76  very conservative and if replaced by Obama would be a shift in the direction of the Court.

Anthony Kennedy - 76 considered a moderate but us usually is the swing vote in most cases and if replaced by a liberal would also change the balance since he does side with the conservative side about 60 % of the time.

Stephen Breyer - 74 a liberal Justice who has no problem using foreign law and court decisions in shaping our laws.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg - 79 another liberal whose health has been declining over the last few years.

While the replacement of Justices Ginsburg and Breyer would make little difference in the make up of the Court, the replacement of Justices Kennedy and especially Scalia by Barack Obama would.  These four Justices who could likely end their time on the Court in the next four years are reasons to not vote for Obama and cast in favor of Romney who has not discussed his ideas about the Court since it has not become an issue in this election but his selections would obviously not take the Court to the extreme liberal stance that an Obama dominated Court would.

For those who are considering a third party vote as a protest vote keep these four Justices in mind. For those who are on the fence and have not decided who to vote for in this election keep these four Justices in mind. The make up of the Court will determine law and the legal direction of our Nation for decades and an Obama dominated Court would be a disaster.

Ken Taylor


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