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Thursday, October 18, 2012


The lie that has been continuing since September 11 over the terrorist attack in Libya and the death of Ambassador Stevens and three others is the death blow to Obama's reelection bid.  His lie continued during the second debate and even with Candy Crowley coming to his aid with a falsehood about the transcript of his September 12 Rose Garden statement, Romney called him on the lie and the last nail in the coffin was placed on Obama's Presidency.

Adding to the lie over Libya is the news of the thwarted Al Qaeda attempt to blow up the Federal Reserve Bank in New York City. Obama has been crossing the country claiming he had Al Qaeda on the run and in one months time they attack our Consulate in Libya, kill our Ambassador and for the first time since September 11, 2001 Al Qaeda dares to enter The United States to once again try and kill Americans.

After 2001 Al Qaeda did not dare enter the US, yet now because of the weakness of Obama they see an opportunity and have tried to take advantage of it by planning an attack once again in New York and on our financial system.  Obama can continue to spike the football over bin Laden and claim he has all but eliminated Al Qaeda but the evidence reveals his lie and a resurgence of the terrorist organization during Obama's Presidency.

A true leader seeks first to protect the Nation. Obama seeks first to appease our enemies and look out for his political well being.  A true leader does not cover up something as serious as the attack on the Libya Consulate in order to protect his lie and advance his campaign. A true leader deals with the situation and tells the American people the truth regardless of the personal consequences when it comes to our Nations security and an act of war as the attack in Libya was.

Obama has failed on all counts and the American people know it and will no longer support his lie nor his Presidency and that is why Libya has become the death blow to the Obama reelection. When the final votes are counted and history looks back on the 2012 election, the attack in Libya and Obama's response, cover up and intentional lie will be shown as the final nail in the coffin of his Presidency.

Do we sit back in the last days and accept this truth and the end of Obama? Absolutely not! It is now we redouble our efforts and ensure this final blow to Obama's reelection is placed directly in his lap where it belongs. His failed foreign policy, the continual lies, disastrous economy, unchecked unemployment and trillion dollar deficit spending signals the end of Barack Obama and a rebirth for our freedom and our Nation.

Ken Taylor


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