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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


The lively First in the South Primary GOP Debate saw a Romney somewhat off his game, Newt hammering as usual, Santorum hitting hard, Perry poised at times and lost at others and Paul while making some sense getting booed several times. Unfortunately the WIFI went down at The Myrtle Beach Convention Center so I have had to wait until arriving home to post about the debate and wrap up.

Romney didn't help and may have hurt himself in this debate as he stumbled many times in a defensive mode on many of his answers especially with an onslaught from Santorum who came on strong as never before in a debate setting. Gingrich made two statements that may well be the difference in putting him over the top and win the South Carolina Primary.

In response to a question about jobs, Gingrich cited the loss of jobs on the delayed I73 in South Carolina by the Obama Administration which has cost thousands of jobs on an already approved program in the state. His extremely strong response to Ron Paul assertion that the killing of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan was against international law and Gingrich's response that is anyone is responsible for killing Americans no matter where they are we go after them and kill them and the fact that everyone knows Pakistan had to know bin Laden was hiding in their country struck a standing ovation in the debate and will strike a very favorable cord on election day Saturday.

Rick Perry who will likely bow out after South Carolina if he does not finish at least second repeated himself several times and seemed at times distracted in his answers. Ron Paul had an equal number of laughs and boos which both raised eyebrows in the media room and with the audience.

After the debate in the Spin Room I had opportunity to participate in a press interview with Gingrich in which I asked the last question,"did the results of tonight's debate increase your confidence about South Carolina?" To which he replied, "absolutely and on that positive note the interview is over."

I also had opportunity to ask South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley this, "Governor it is highly unusual for a Governor to make an official endorsement in a Primary, what necessitated you making that endorsement." Her reply surprised me somewhat as I expected a partisan spin about Romney who she has endorsed, rather she expressed the,"war," with the Federal Government she is having over the Boeing plant in Charleston, the South Carolina illegal alien bill the Justice Department is fighting and the bill calling for ID to be presented when voting also being challenged by the Justice Department. The Governor stated that she felt Romney would be a partner to the state rather than an adversary as Obama has been.

There may be a national exclusive from the debate revealing a falshood expressed by Mitt Romney that has the possibility of derailing his campaign here in South Carolina and maybe nationally. I will be following up on an exclusive interview that I cannot disclose at this time later today and report the results as soon as they are officially available.

The entire day was a rewarding experience and will provide many follow up postings and a possible national exclusive concerning Mitt Romney. So once again stay tuned for more on the South Carolina GOP Debate.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Mike's America said...

I didn't think Perry did that bad. Quite the reverse actually.

As for Niki Haley, it sounds like she dodged your question. ANY of the GOP candidates would be a better friend to SC than Obama.

She obviously made her choice because she thinks Romney will be the nominee and she wants to be on the right side of him. It was a political calculation that was not based on any principle other than power.

This is not what we expect of someone who claims to represent that Tea Party.

10:30 AM, January 17, 2012  
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