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Friday, January 27, 2012


There is now and always will be a special place in my life and my heart for President Ronald Reagan. Who he was an what he did for our country place him among the greatest in our history and there will never be another Reagan. I have never been one to tolerate Reagan bashing and you can imagine how surprised I was at the attacks coming out against the candidate I support, Newt Gingrich, claiming he did just that, bashed President Reagan. So I investigated and found the truth behind the lies.

Rather than listening to the short edited portion of the video that has be circulated showing Newt stating that when Bush 41 ran for President he should not run as a continuation of Reagan but look to the future, I listened to the ENTIRE one hour and twenty four minute video and discovered that not only was this taken way out of context but when placed in context it is the highest of compliments to Reagan and his Presidency.

In the piece Newt explains that it took 12 years to find Goldwater conservatism and another 15 to find Reagan conservatism and that Bush 41 did not have the charisma to be another Reagan and as such needed to BUILD on the Reagan Presidency for the future of the country. Not a condemnation of Reagan as is being portrayed in the media and by the GOP establishment but on the contrary a highly complimentary respect of President Reagan by Gingrich and advise to Bush 41 on how to continue the Reagan legacy.

Then I found this video of Nancy Reagan in 1995 a full seven years after the Gingrich video that is causing all of the fuss.
In this excellent video, Nancy who is extremely protective of, "Ronnies," legacy states that Barry Goldwater passed the conservative torch to Ronnie and Ronnie passed it on to Newt Gingrich and the then new Republican Congress. Had she suspected for one moment that Gingrich had ever bashed her Ronnie she never would have made this statement about Newt carrying on her husbands legacy.

Michael Reagan the son of the late President has endorsed Newt something he would never had done if Newt was the least bit negative about his dad. Prominent Reagan staffers Arthur Laffer Reagan Economic Advisor, Robert McFarlane Reagan National Security Advisor and Jeffery Lord Reagan White House Political Advisor have all endorsed Newt and would never endorse anyone who bashed their former boss or whose policy and beliefs did not mirror that of President Reagan.

This blatant attack by the media and supposed conservative pundits being led by the Romney campaign and Romney himself is ridiculous and as much an insult to President Reagan as it is to Newt. Remember also that Romney NOT Newt distanced himself from Reagan for political expediency when he thought it would gain votes in his run for Massachusetts Governor.

Newt carries on the Reagan conservative legacy and follows the policy and ideas that were administered during his Presidency that changed the course of history, restored our economy and created the greatest growth of prosperity for our Nation and our people in our history. That is what Newt will bring to The White House and just as the establishment feared Reagan conservatism in 1980, they fear the one in whom the torch of that legacy has been passed, Newt Gingrich. So they attack him with lies to turn conservatives away and force a moderate down our throats once again. Don't fall for the lie!

Ken Taylor


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