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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Barack Obama delivered his third State of the Union address rehashing the same old tired and failed rhetoric as he has since the day he took office. Tax the rich, government is the only answer for everything from job creation to changing diapers and of course green energy is the only way to restore his failed economy.

YAWN.....same old failed ideas delivered in the same old scolding arrogance with little in the way of truth and extremely lean on the facts and reality of the real state of the Union under the failed Obama Administration.

The detailed graph on the right shows the decline of our Nation and our economy since Obama took office. In every category the failure of Obama is not only evident but painfully so as the real numbers showing just how badly he has failed and how disastrous his policy has been for our Nation and our citizens.

For anyone who still has an inclination to support these failed policies and the equally failed President whose policies have degenerated our Nation into the state of disaster we find ourselves in if the numbers and evidence to the right do not convince you to not vote to reelect this absolute failure and embarrassment to the Office of President and our Nation as a whole then there is no reasoning and no hope for you as your ability to see the truth has been diminished by the lies Obama has fed you and your willingness to be completely duped by this charlatan.

We cannot afford four more years of policy that provides disastrous results for our country as those shown to the right. We must remove this failure from office by our vote and replace him with someone who knows what they are doing, willing to take the principled stand to restore our Nation and our economy and follow the Reagan style ideas that brought recovery from another failed President after he was defeated in 1980.

The major difference between the Carter Administration that the success of Reagan repaired and the failure of the Obama Administration that his replacement will be forced to repair is that Obama has taken us into far more perilous waters and down a much more dangerous path that even the failed Jimmy Carter.

Vote to restore America and regain that American exceptionalism that Obama has diminished and damaged. Vote Newt Gingrich through the Primaries to the Republican nomination and again in November defeating Obama and beginning the path to restoration our Nation desperately needs.

Ken Taylor


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