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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


As expected Mitt Romney won the New Hampshire Primary with a sound 39%. Is anyone surprised? Of course not because that is his area of the country, but if one were to listen to the pundits, the establishment and the rest of the media including unfortunately Fox News one would think this was the most decisive victory in GOP politics since the parties birth just before the Presidency of Abraham Lincoln.

For months the media, GOP establishment, Democrats and both liberal and less liberal pundits,(I hesitate to use the word conservative here as I am beginning to think there is no such thing as a conservative pundit any longer), have fed the public the myth that Romney was the inevitable nominee and the only candidate who had a snowballs chance in you know where to beat Barack Obama.

As I watch the coverage and listen via both old and new media as well as social networking sites and others who do as I do and voice their opinion and/or commentary on blogs the inevitability myth has become a surrender to the establishment and the fight for who and what we are as conservatives is now becoming a resignation to having to once again hold our nose as we vote for another liberal Republican who may or may not have the kahunas to actually stand toe to toe with a lying Democrat like Obama and call him on his liberal spin.

What happened to the fighting Tea Party attitude that took the House and nearly the Senate in 2010 while all the pundits and media establishment told us that Obama was the greatest man to ever walk the planet? What happened to conservatives standing without hesitation for principle knowing that what we believe matches the majority of the rest of the country and like 1980 gave us Ronald Reagan?

Has complacency once again become the rule and conservatives surrendering to what is being sold as Romney inevitability believing the myth that only a moderate can unite the party, garner Independents and win against Obama? Have we lost the Constitutional drive that propelled a victory in 2010 and slowed Obama's sure march to socialism in his first term?

Sure, John Beohner and the Republican leadership have not been the ideal policy in the House that we had hoped for but how often is anything elected to Washington ideal? Yes, there has been a considerable amount of aggravation as we have watched House members following the leadership and caving to things we as conservative know we do not want and is not in the real best interest of the country. But it did slow Obama and opened a pathway to real conservative change in 2012.

But now it seems that the desire to beat Obama has overshadowed the fact that a true conservative CAN win and most are resigning themselves into accepting the media and establishment lie that only the moderate Romney has a chance against Obama and willing to once again vote for the stinker over the Marxist and hope for the best in accepting the establishment candidate praying that maybe it will turn out better than 2008 when McCain acted the fool refusing to stand toe to toe with Obama and playing the gentleman in a profession where gentlemen are fodder for everyone else willing to sling mud and lie their way into office. We don't need a gentleman we need an S.O.B. willing to fight and call a spade and a spade. Newt Gingrich fits that bill and has the strength and kahunas to win and do what is right for the country.

Romney like McCain has already shown he is not willing to call Obama what he is, a socialist and not willing to attack him in the manner necessary to get the real truth out about him before interested voters. So we once again may be faced with a candidate who is hammered by Obama and his media associates while only willing to play nice and not get into the fray of taking a stance regardless of the cost.

I am not surrendering my vote to so called inevitability. When the South Carolina Primary takes place on January 21st I will not select Romney just because I have been told by the so called experts that he is the only candidate who can beat Obama and the only candidate who can unite a party and gain Independents. I remember them saying the same thing about George H.W. Bush in 1980 and I didn't believe it then and I voted for soon to be President Reagan. Fortunately for the country the majority of GOP Primary voters believed as I and Reagan became the nominee and white washed Jimmy Carter in the General Election.

Do we still have the conviction to fight the media and the establishment in 2012? Or have most fallen for the myth and the lie and willing to set aside conviction and vote for so called inevitability. I am hoping that the fighting spirit of 1980 will reveal itself again and as South Carolina, Florida and Super Tuesday approach we we see principle and conservative conviction rule over establishment inevitability. A conservative can beat Obama and we don't have to settle again as we did in 2008. The question is are conservatives willing to stand or surrender to so called inevitability. I'm not! Will you join me?

Ken Taylor


Blogger Mike's America said...

In a two man primary with a bona fide conservative Mitt Romney would lose by 20 points.

Sadly, there isn't just ONE conservative running, but several and the vote is split.

Mitt has a very good chance to win SC and I don't know if Newt or Santorum has the money to be competitive in Florida and beyond.

I do think Romney can beat Obama but so could a trained poodle. What's just as important as beating Obama is what the Republican does once he gets the White House and I worry that once elected Mitt may discover he's not as conservative as he is currently telling voters in SC that he is.

Would a President Mitt lead the charge to repeal ALL of ObamaCare or just tinker with it around the edges? Would a President Mitt really roll back spending or just go along to get along with Democrats?

11:39 PM, January 11, 2012  
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