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Thursday, January 05, 2012


With the election year in full swing the total violation of the Constitutional powers and separation of powers in an absolute tyrannical move by Barack Obama has been completely ignored by the media and even most on the web who are usually quickly on top of unconstitutional actions like this. There is no outrage and once again the tyrannical reign of Obama has been allowed to trample on liberty without a peep from almost anyone.

Congress is still on its holiday recess and Obama has taken the opportunity to abuse Executive powers and bypass the Congress and violate the Constitutional separation of powers to make several recess appointments stating that he will bypass Congress at every opportunity when he thinks it is hurting the people. HOGWASH!!!!! There is NOTHING about any of the unconstitutional appointments that if left alone would hurt the people. In fact their appointment is harmful to the people as they are appointments to agencies that are socialistic in nature and against the Constitutional principles of a free Republic.

Obama appointed three members to the National Labor Relations Board who could not even muster a vote by the Democrat controlled Senate as even his own party did not want these appointments. The fourth appointment was the head of the controversial Consumers Financial Protection Board an entity which Congress has yet to approve as even existing but Obama by his appointment has not only bypassed the Congress and Constitutional separation of powers but begun a federal agency WITHOUT the consent of the people or their representatives.

Yes, other Presidents have made recess appointments but to positions which already existed and had Congressional approval like George Bush's appointment of John Bolton as UN Ambassador in order to fill a vacant ambassadorship necessary for our Nations representation that was being delayed by a partisan Congress who refused to consider the appointment for political ammunition only.

Obama has stated before and actually instructed his Jobs Council to find ways around Congress to unconstitutionally enact legislation without Congressional approval. Now he has sanctioned an agency and appointed someone as head of that agency without Congressional approval and while Congress was in recess. This is the action of a tyrant who arrogantly believes that he has the authority to do whatever he wants whenever he wants it without any regard to the law, the Constitution or the legal powers he has a President.

Can we afford four more years of this jackass? Absolutely not as a second term of Obama will find deeper tyrannical moves and more unconstitutional executive powers centralizing governmental power to one Branch without the Constitutional checks and balances that our Founders intended to prevent any man from doing what Obama is doing and prevent a tyrannical destruction of our freedom and liberties.

Ken Taylor


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