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Monday, January 30, 2012


Without a doubt there is an absolute concentrated effort by the GOP establishment to completely derail the candidacy of Newt Gingrich. Everyone from Ann Coulter to Chris Christie and pundits across the board who claim to be conservative, even the usually conservative Drudge Report have made it their expressed goal to force Romney down our throat and destroy Gingrich.

Look who is on the Romney band wagon and you will see the GOP establishment at is worst. George H.W.Bush, John McCain, Christ Christie, Bob Dole, Ann Coulter, George Will just to name a few have endorsed Rommey and not one bit of true conservative credentials among the lot of them.

Now look at the endorsements for Newt Gingrich. Michael Reagan, former Reagan staffers Art Laffer, Robert McFarlane and Jeffery Lord. Fred Thompson, Herman Cain and though not an official endorsement Sarah Palin has all but said she wants Newt. Adding to this mix are strong defenses of Newt from staunch conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin who has blasted the attacks by the establishment on Gingrich as unfounded and false.

These same establishment types are also those who refuse to take a principled and straight forward stand against Obama and his socialist agenda. They will not attack him with the full truth of who he is and condemn anyone who calls Obama on his socialistic, Saul Alinsky agenda by saying that Gingrich is a loose cannon for doing so and dangerous because he is actually willing to tell the truth about Obama and call him on his agenda, radical Marxist beliefs and destructive policy destroying our country.

They blast Newt for once considering the limited mandate for health care suggested in Hillary Care back in the 90's, a position he has since recanted and called not only stupid but unconstitutional, but willing to support Romney who actually instituted a health care mandate through his Massachusetts State health care plan nicknamed Romnycare which both he and Obama admit was the blue print for Obamacare.

They condemn Newt for stating he worked with President Reagan and continued Reagan's legacy into the 90's as Speaker of the House, a position that was stated by Nancy Reagan in 1995 when she stated the Reagan conservative torch was passed to Newt. Yet these same condemning dupes back Romney who distanced himself from Reagan as he ran for Governor of Massachusetts and stated in the same speech that HE WAS A PROGRESSIVE.

My fellow conservatives especially those who will be voting on Tuesday in Florida. Don't fall for the establishment lie. Don't surrender to the establishment belief that Obama can't be beaten and running a moderate like Romney is the only way to hold the House and take the Senate by ceding the Presidency to Obama by running a weak candidate who will play the pity pat gentleman games like McCain did and lose like McCain did.

We can win the Presidency standing on principle and stating the facts and the truth about Obama and calling him out on his policy and beliefs AND win the Senate while keeping the House. There is only one candidate running who is willing to take that stand without reservation and has already proven he can unite the GOP, Independents and all classifications, men, women all ages, and all income brackets as he proved in South Carolina. That candidate is Newt Gingrich.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Mike's America said...

The fact Bob Dole and John McCain are among Romney's top backers should be all anyone interested in beating Obama needs to know.

Why should moderates who LOSE every election suddenly be considered more electable than a conservative?

11:58 AM, January 31, 2012  
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