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Thursday, April 15, 2010


Just when you think that Barack Obama cannot make another completely asinine statement he not only does but makes one that exposes just how much Obama hates this country and considers The United States the problem rather than the answer.

In a press conference following the waste of time and money Nuclear Summit, Obama stated as shown in the above video, "whether we like it or not we remain a dominant military superpower." WHAT?!?!?! Whether we like it or not ?!?!?!? Would this imbecile rather that we are NOT a dominant superpower ?

Being the ONLY dominant superpower in the world is a place where I not only want my country to be but EXPECT my country to be and to remain so. Being that superpower insures that our vital interests are protected. Our national security is well, secure. Our people are safe and our military is second to none at anytime and any place. Insuring that when our brave men and women take to the field of battle our strength gives them the best protection and greatest ability of survival in a battle situation to achieve complete victory.

Evidently Barack Obama does not like the idea that we are the dominant superpower. He cannot handle the fact that the rest of the world looks to The United States when troubles arise. He does not like that other countries are not on the same level of power that we are and it seems that he believes that it is his destiny to even the playing field and reduce The United States from the lone superpower to just another second rate country.

American exceptionalism REQUIRES that we are a dominant military superpower. That is what insures that we remain strong and that petty little dictators think twice or even three and four times before attempting to take on The United States. Sure these little weasels may talk tough, but our dominant military causes them to pause rather than act on their rhetoric.

Our superpower status insures that our people are safe and secure and that when we are forced into a conflict that we are the victor because when we fight, we fight to win with the strongest and best military that has ever existed on this Earth. Yet the Commander in Chief says this is a situation that we must accept, "whether we like it or not." He obviously does not like it.

Jimmy Carter was a very weak President but in comparison to Barack Obama, Carter was a lion to this lame lamb. This statement should never come from the mouth of a United States President and Commander in Chief, yet Obama makes statements like this as a normal practice. How can one lead a country he so obviously hates and despises ?

His Oath of Office states his primary duty as President is to, "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution." Being the lone superpower gives him the best opportunity to fulfill his oath. Yet in his belief that it is his destiny to weaken this Nation and diminish our superpower status, he is not seeking to fulfill his Oath and as such is guilty of, "high crimes and misdemeanors, " and all that it entails.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Mike's America said...

What's the big surprise? We all know Obama and his lib friends would like nothing better than to cut this country down to size and put us at the mercy of China.

Did you see his science advisor declare "we can't stay number one" forever?

They don't want the U.S. to be the best in the world at anything.

Deep down, they hate their own country.

11:52 AM, April 16, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Lord, you are dumber than a bag of rocks. Go lern yoself sum english, you hillbilly POS.

"Whether we like it or not" doesn't translate to "I wish we weren't". It means that as the dominant superpower we have responsibilities. I love how you retarded ass clown motherfuckers take snippets of conversation and nitpick its meaning. Listen to the entire segment, you fucktard. Your dumbass is lucky we have a rational person in the White House instead of a war-mongering fucktard chimp that you dipshits voted for twice. But you numnuts are too fucking stoooopid to realize it. Go back to beating off to the bible and thinking creationism and trickle down economics are great truths.

8:38 PM, April 14, 2011  
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