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Sunday, April 18, 2010


When Barack Obama was inaugurated as President I had this momentary thought that although I did not agree with one policy, ideology or agenda promise that Obama made while campaigning, that maybe, just maybe since a black man had been elected President that it would quell some of the racism nonsense that was still showing its ugly face in our country.

Then about ten seconds after he took the Oath of Office reality returned to my thought process and not only did electing a black man President NOT quell the racism nonsense it actually created an entirely new category of charges of racism. Playing the race card has been a part of politics especially by the left as a means of making mostly false accusations of racism in order to keep race at the forefront of politics to play on emotions to garner votes from minorities.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not trying to say that there are not people in our country who have racists tendencies. But in 2010 especially compared to the turbulent fifties and sixties when the Civil Rights movement was at its height, Americans who are truly racist have thankfully diminished to a minority of people who ignorantly still think that blacks should be treated as second class citizens.

But with Obama as President a new form of racism accusations has reared its head and unfortunately allowed the left to label concerned Americans as racist causing a fresh political discourse on race that has no business in the politics of opposing a Presidential agenda even if that President happens to a black.

It has become quite evident now that anyone who stands in opposition to the policies and agenda of Barack Obama is labeled by the left and the lame stream media as a racist. The first mention of opposing Obama and immediately race is brought into the picture and the discussion changes from his radical policies to accusations of racism and racial hatred claiming that the opposition is not about policy but because Obama is black.

The Tea Party movement is one of the greatest events to take place in grassroots involvement of the American people in our Nations history. For far too long Americans have been complacent when it comes to holding elected officials accountable, which is the Constitutional responsibility of an American citizen. This grassroots stand against big government is a necessary component to the awakening of the people from a long and troublesome sleep when it comes to actually paying attention to what is happening in Washington.

But rather than this involvement of the American people finally being involved in the political process being celebrated as it should, the left and the lame stream media have used it as an opportunity to invigorate racism in our country and create a new form of racist charges that are unfounded and uncalled for.

Opposing Presidential policy and Presidential agendas is as old as our country. Even George Washington, who was a beloved President, was opposed especially when he was trying to keep our young Nation from being dragged into a war between France and Great Britain. So political opposition to a President is not only not unusual but as a free people it should be expected and celebrated as a privilege of liberty.

But rather than celebrate the massive and growing opposition to the radical agenda of Barack Obama and the great awakening of the American peoples long overdue involvement in the political process, the left has chosen to race bait, recall memories of slavery, invoke thoughts of a, "re-emergence," of Ku Klux Klan tactics and all manner of racist innuendos that are not only false but reek of hatred to anyone who opposes Barack Obama.

If you oppose health care it is because Barack Obama is black. If you oppose his massive government expansion it is because Barack Obama is black. If you oppose out of control spending it is because Barack Obama is black. If you are against the useless stimulus it is because Barack Obama is black. If you believe that our country is going in the wrong direction it is because Barack Obama is black. If you oppose any of his political appointments even to the Supreme Court, it is because Barack Obama is black.

It doesn't matter that absolutely none of the opposition of Obama's policy and agenda has anything to do with the color of his skin but purely and simply because his politics are wrong for this country. Yet according to the left and the lame stream media the ONLY reason that anyone opposes anything about Barack Obama is because he is black.

Of course opposition of a conservative or a Republican President by the same on the left who accuse average Americans of being racist, is considered by those on the left as the highest form of Patriotism and the true essence of freedom of speech. Then it is fine to use words like Nazi and make comparisons to Hitler. The it is fine to be violent and hateful even to the point of destroying public or personal property.

Yet the total NON-VIOLENT protest against the policy and agenda of Barack Obama, especially the Tea Party movement, is motivated ONLY because he is black. What is even more unfortunate about these false racism accusations are that they are spreading from the lame stream media into the thoughts and actions of average citizens of color who are buying into this false racist propaganda by the left.

So rather then the election of Americas first black President quelling what was left of the racial problems that have plagued our country, the left has used Obama's Presidency to actually spur those race problems on and in reality make then worse since racism is again at the forefront of American politics not because of its true existence but because of the lefts political agenda of false accusations to anyone who opposes Obama.

What adds the ultimate insult to this uncalled for injury is that the one person who has the ability to stifle this unrelenting false charge of racism against anyone who opposes the policy and agenda of Obama is Obama himself. Not only has he been virtually silent on the subject but his mocking of the Tea Party movement and anyone else who opposes his policy, is in reality adding fuel to the fire and encouraging the race baiters to continue their false charges.

So the question must be asked, "who then are the real racists ?" Those who are following their Constitutional right and duty by opposing a political agenda they disagree with which happens to be promoted by a black President, an agenda that would be opposed regardless of the color of the President. Or those who use the color of the President as a catalyst to charge his opposition of being racist.

Obama's race is NEVER discussed as part of the discourse of we who oppose what Obama is doing and the direction he is taking out country. But with those who stand with the President's agenda nearly every conversation in conjunction with discussing we who oppose him starts with a charge of racism. We who oppose Obama never consider his race as a subject or a reason to oppose him. Those who favor him use his race at every opportunity to make false racism charges. So again I ask, " who are the real racists ?" The answer is blatantly obvious!

Ken Taylor


Blogger IgorMarxo said...

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8:34 PM, April 18, 2010  
Blogger seth r said...

Igor, LOL!

Barack Milhous Hussein Obama?

The very fact of having a creature like Obama in the White House is comparable to a bad cartoon. The only reason it's not funny is that the man is really doing his part to bring down the greatest country in history.

9:48 PM, April 20, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our government was created by THE PEOPLE and it is by OUR CONSENT that we ALLOW ourselves to be governed. You are right on that point. You're completely wrong when you claim that Obama is not on the people's side. Ever since Ronald Reagan cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans, while raising taxes on the middle class - it has been harder and harder to work an honest job and get ahead. There is no longer upward social mobility in this country. I'm no socialist, and neither is Obama. If someone in an actual socialist country heard you call Obama a socialist, they'd laugh in your face! He's not trying to dismantle capitalism.. he's trying to protect THE PEOPLE from capitalism! Read a fucking history book man - oh wait... Texas is taking care of that

4:14 PM, April 26, 2010  
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