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Tuesday, April 06, 2010


It seems much to coincidental that the US government owns the majority stake in both General Motors and Chrysler and the greatest competition, Toyota, is experiencing tremendous problems which threatens its standing as a car manufacturing company.

Now I am not claiming that the brake and accelerator problems which prompted the massive recall by Toyota are not real, but it does seem rather odd that suddenly Congress calls for hearings demanding that the CEO of Toyota has to appear before the hearings and several investigations are started on BOTH Toyota and the next closest competitor to government motors, Honda.

There have been numerous mechanical problems from both American and foreign vehicle manufacturing companies prompting recalls. There have also been recalls before because of problems that have caused vehicular deaths as was the case with the Toyota accelerator troubles, but Congress has not held investigations nor scheduled hearings until now when the Obama administration has created government competition in the automobile industry because of the stake it now owns in GM and Chrysler.

It also seems too coincidental that even with the recalls and the massive amount of public relations and closing down of plants etc. after Toyota reports a 35.4% increase in sales in the first quarter that the Obama administration slaps the largest fine ever given, 16.4 million dollars, for their failure to issue a recall in a timely manner.

It gives the obvious appearance that if eliminating the competition cannot happen by decreased sales then slapping a massive fine may at least cause financial problems which could slow down Toyota's sales boom which has hurt both GM and Chrysler. Whether this is an intentional move by the Obama administration to eliminate or damage the competition or not because of the governments stake in the automobile industry it gives the appearance of using government power and regulation to attack a private competitor like Toyota.

The government owning all or part of a company such as GM and Chrysler provides ethical problems and corruption as well as the obvious problem of the government taking over any private entity like an automobile company. In may be just coincidental the problems that Toyota is suffering. It may just be coincidental that government motors greatest competitor, Toyota, is fined and investigated by the very same government who has the majority stake in GM and Chrysler. It all may be just a coincidence.......or not!

Ken Taylor


Blogger sonnythekook1 said...

Good talking points- a month ago mother mentioned that she thought it odd that Toyota, who is #1 and has had NO major problems, all of a sudden has massive issues.
That got me to thinking about it- and now that Toyota has plants all over America that are manned by U.A.W. Union workers...
...yeah- this one we may never know one way or the other; because if it IS true, then many people in government and U.A.W. are behind it; and I'm sure that they covered their asses, dotted all the 'i's' & crossed all 't's'...

12:33 AM, April 06, 2010  
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