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Friday, April 23, 2010


Obamacare has passed and Barack Obama has signed it into law. He spent countless amounts of time and tax payer dollars flying around the country trying to sell this nightmare law to the American people and still continues. The more he speaks the lower his approval ratings fall and those who favor this unconstitutional law are dropping faster than Obama's approval ratings.

Throughout the debate and the weeks following passage the Liar in Chief at every opportunity deceived the American people by stating in every speech, every interview and every soundbite on the subject that Obamacare would LOWER health care costs, Medicare would not be affected, providers would not be hurt by the law and families will not be fined for not purchasing insurance.

Low and behold, a Cabinet department of the Executive Branch of which the liar Barack Obama is the head, has released the full truth about health care and shown their boss to be a flat out bald faced liar. The Health and Human Services Department released some scathing information about Obamacare and it does not match Obama's spin on the law.

According to HHS, rather than decrease health care costs, Obamacare will INCREASE costs and HHS states that the figures of cost increases as they stand now are actually low compared to the increases over time as implementation of this nightmare takes place. So much for ,"reform," to save Americans on their health care costs as Obama promised and spewed during the debate.

HHS continues in their report that Medicare cuts that are part of Obamacare are unsustainable and that an estimated 50% of seniors who currently are covered by Medicare will be forced to drop their coverage because of the cuts found in this socialist law. Yet Obama claimed that seniors would not be affected and that they would not lose their Medicare.

Obama claimed that Medicare providers would not be affected by Obamacare and would finally be paid for their services which is not the case. The HHS report reveals that under Obamacare 15% of hospital providers will find themselves in the red because of the Medicare cuts found in the law.

Obama claimed that Obamacare would not fine or punish families who did not purchase health care. In fact when he was asked about this in a Fox News interview with Bret Baier, Obama was emphatic that fines and punishment for not purchasing health care were nothing more than a deceptive disinformation campaign by those who opposed the bill.

According to the HHS report and an associated Congressional Budget Office report 4 MILLION American households will face tax fines and penalties for not purchasing health care. This Obama deception also goes hand in hand with his claim that the IRS would not be involved with punishing those who do not purchase health care. The IRS is the ONLY entity who can issue tax fines and as a result will be not only involved in punishment but in investigation in order to issue the fines.

Placing the final nail in the coffin of Obamacare and the lies perpetrated by the Liar in Chief, Obama touted a provision in the law which created a new long term care program which does not start until 2014. According to the HHS report the program ALREADY faces a serious risk of insolvency because of the high cost without the dollars to cover the program.

None of this is news to we who opposed Obamacare from the beginning and warned of just how bad and unconstitutional this bill was. Now that it has passed the truth comes out and the demonizing that took place against anyone who opposed the bill by Obama and others who backed the bill was just another in a long list of lies about this socialistic nightmare. Now we see the results of the closed door meetings and why the doors were closed. Open doors would have revealed the lies BEFORE passage and even supporters would have been in the streets with the rest of us in opposing the Liar in Chief and this bad law. REPEAL and DEFUND the bill and REPLACE Congress and Barack Obama.

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could someone make a picture of Obeyme with Pinnochio's long nose? With the caption underneath, "My Health Care bill will help America." Be great to start broadcasting everywhere. Imagine . . bumper stickers, lawn signs. . .

B Woodman

2:49 PM, April 23, 2010  
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