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Wednesday, April 07, 2010


During the Bush administration a former CIA operative, Valerie Plame, was supposedly , "outed," by a Bush administration official. Of course it was proven that Plame had been nothing more than a CIA desk jockey for more than five years which placed he well outside the standard cooling off period before a CIA operative can be revealed for any reason. So the revelation of her position was well within the confines of legal discussion of her former position as an operative.

Never the less, the left went ballistic and an ensuing investigation and special prosecutor could not find any wrong doing yet convicted VP Cheney's Chief of Staff for lying to the prosecutor because he could not remember every detail of conversations which had taken place years before his interrogation by the prosecutor.

Fast forward now to 2010 and the, "transparent," and totally, "ethical," administration of Barack Obama. The New York Times, the very paper who ripped the Bush administration and President Bush specifically for the, "outing," of Valerie Plame, is reporting the identity of a highly placed actual CIA operative who is still being used as a working asset in Afghanistan. In fact the Times report not only reveals the name of the operative but also his association with a certain high level Afghan official AND his duties as an operative in Afghanistan. The source of the revelation is none other than the White House.

According to the Times the brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai is not only a working CIA operative , "secretly on the CIA payroll," but is also a, "major drug trafficker," in the Opium trade out of Afghanistan. The Times cited Obama administration, "political officials," and ,"senior administration officials," as the source of the information of the Afghan President's brother, who they call by name in the article, and his, "secret," CIA affiliation.

Where is the outrage? Where are the calls for a special prosecutor? Where are the calls for Obama's head on a platter like the Times demanded of Bush during the Plame investigation? Where are the calls for the head of Rham Emanuel like the Times demanded of Karl Rove during the Plame investigation?

Especially since the difference in this case is that Plame was a FORMER operative who had far exceeded the five year cooling off period required by law before a CIA operatives name can be revealed and the fact that Karzai's brother is still a working asset and operative who now has been revealed to the world by Obama officials and the New York Times.

Of course this, "transparency," in the outing of a working CIA asset is fine and dandy with the Times since it involves Obama and his buddies as opposed to the evil warmonger George W. Bush. The hypocrisy of the left and the leftist media becomes more evident with each passing day as everything that Obama and his cronies do is considered perfectly fine regardless of the legality or whether it meets any Constitutional standard. If Karazi's brother is killed as a result of the Times article and his outing by the Obama administration, I am sure that somehow, someway the Times will find a way of blaming it on Bush.

Ken Taylor


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