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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Two very interesting polls were taken by the Rasmussen polling group and both tell a tale of angry Americans, a failed Barack Obama, and a citizenry disgusted with Congress. According to the polls a whopping 75% of likely voters are angry and fed up with current government policies. So much for Obama's, "hope and change."

Breaking it down by party affiliation etc., 89% of Republicans are angry at Obama policy while 78% who call themselves Independent are angry at Obama policy. But the biggest surprise in the poll are the 61% of Democrats who are angry at Obama policy!

The second poll hits directly at Congress and is a clear sign that the November election will be a total house cleaning of entrenched elitists who no longer care to even try and listen to the people. According to the poll another whopping 63% of likely voters stated that the country would be better if Congressional incumbents were booted out in the November election.

Both of these numbers are sure to grow as Obama and the Pelosi/Reid Congress still refuse to even acknowledge the truth behind the anger of the American people. It seem as if they are in a continual state of denial concerning the real reasons that the people are angry. They see the anger, they speak of it but still believe that it is related to Bush and that the anger is because they have not DONE ENOUGH.

When in actuality the anger has NOTHING to do with Bush and is directly related to the fact that Obama and clan have done TOO MUCH. Too much spending, too much leftist policy, too much apologizing for America, too much appeasing our enemies, too much granting Constitutional rights to terrorists, too much letting terrorism become a criminal act rather than an act of war, too much government intervention in our lives, to much tax increasing, too much debt and way too much deficit spending.

The fact that on a daily basis as the anger continues to grow and even the left wing media takes notice of this fact, Obama constantly presses for the same policy and arrogantly states that he is not going to back down on any of his agenda or the direction he is trying to take the country. He could care less what the people think and that in itself increases the anger and the number of Americans who join the millions who are fed up.

Add to this the same elitist arrogance that flows from the Wicked Witch of the House Nancy Pelosi and The Nevada Numb Skull Harry Reid and it becomes even more obvious why the numbers in the Rasmussen polls are so high and will continue to rise as the arrogance grows and the policy continues to take our Nation down the wrong path.

The shake up that is building for the November election will make the Haitian earthquake seem like a minor rumble. Not trying to belittle the devastation and terrible human tragedy in Haiti, but the comparison is referencing the act of the earth shaking only. Come November when the angry American people take to the polls and express in true free form the disgust with those who claim to represent us, the devastation left behind for those who have ignored us for so long will be total and the people will begin the quest of taking back control of our government and the march to 2012 and the removal of the totally inept Barack Obama.

Ken Taylor


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