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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We are watching one of the greatest scams ever perpetrated on the American public and its called health care. Barack Obama who only last week whined that he was focused on jobs and only jobs released his version of health care which is nothing more than a more costly and higher taxed version of the Senate bill which was has been resoundingly rejected by the American people.

It has been the dream of leftists in this country for decades to control the health care of the American people by creating a totally socialist health care system run by the government. Obama is hell bent on making this dream a reality regardless of the cost and regardless of its unpopularity with the people of The United States.

Initially the debate over health care was concerned over the high cost, but since Obama and the Dems have manipulated the bills it has become a debate over just how much total government control will be applied rather than addressing the cost of health care. Sure they claim that the supposed, "public option," would create competition, but every expert has shown that it not only would not create competition but actually drive up cost and run private companies out of business.

So in actuality this ,"debate," has nothing to do with cost or insuring Americans but in creating a socialistic health care system with government in complete control. It also has nothing to do with bipartisanship which is the claim for the , "health care summit," which takes place later this week. This ,"summit," will be moderated by an advocate of government health care and any free market ideas proposed by Republicans will be disregarded well before they are proposed. And the fact that Obama released his bill prior to the summit shows it is a set up.

This is nothing more than an Obama sponsored PR scam to try and portray Republicans as obstructionist because they refuse to support only his plan and his ideas. The summit is being used as a scape goat so Obama can whine to the American people that he tried to be bipartisan but Republicans just would not cooperate. By cooperation of course Obama means caving to his plan and leaving any and all free market solutions off the table in favor of government control.

Politically the fact that all three of the current health care bills, Obama's, The Senate version and the House version are extremely unpopular with the American people means that this continual push for government controlled health care is political suicide for Democrats. But this government control dream has been hanging around their political necks since FDR and with Obama at the helm they see their best chance of making it a reality even if it means destroying their party and losing House and Senate seats and majority status in doing so.

This has never been about the people nor the uninsured. It has never been about the cost or the quality of care but only about fulfilling a decades long dream of the left in socialising Americas health care and placing it completely under government control. The fact that health care is low on the list of issues for Americans and that unemployment which has been driven sky high by Obama policy is the foremost issue in America, yet Obama and the Dems are still pushing health care as their number one priority proves that they care nothing about the people and that their ideological dream of government health care is what this is about.

The fact that Democrats do not have the votes in the House nor the Senate is not slowing them down and seemingly not stopping their advancement of passing this debacle. The talk of a reconciliation vote is still prominent with Democrats and the fact that in his 2011 budget which Obama recently submitted includes monies from a health care bill that had not been passed, opens the door for reconciliation because Obama's budget makes health care a budgetary matter which allows reconciliation.

The summit is in additon to being a PR move to blame Republicans for the bill not being bipartisan also will give Democrats an excuse, "forcing," them to use reconciliation as the only means of being able to pass the debacle because Republicans refused to get on board. Never mind that Democrats have had the numbers to pass this mess without ANY Republicans from the beginning of the nightmare and the conflict has always been with their own and not the GOP.

There is still hope though that even reconciliation will not work because of it being an election year and the tide is so obviously against Democrats and incumbents as a whole. This will force those up for re-election and in tough battles to consider the reaction of constituents to their vote and it may be the key to preventing the reconciliation move by the Democrat leadership. So it is still not a done deal but has become blatantly obvious that Obama, Reid and Pelosi care NOTHING about the people and care ONLY for their ideology and government control.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Tom said...

Took a quick look at the proposal on the White House site - cost is still $1 Trillion over the next ten years - and that's only estimated.

We are going to get hosed...

7:56 PM, February 23, 2010  
Blogger Right of the Truth said...

I really like how you speak for all the "American people" and "every expert" without a single piece of research to back up such hyperboles.

The democrats have had the numbers to pass this thing since the beginning? No the democratic party is still the only party not myopic enough to have disagreements within their ranks. They have never had 60 votes, but they certainly have always had the majority. Unfortunately, short sided republicans have threatened a filibuster on every piece of Democratic legislation except that relating to the Afghanistan Conflict.

Healthcare reform will drive costs up? No, health insurance companies will drive costs up. Blue Cross Blue Shield just announced a 25% premium increase. The public option would be the closest thing to restoring a free-market solution to healthcare, since currently the system is under an oligarchy. Also, poles show that the majority of Americans still want the public option, not to mention that Obama campaigned on this issue and won the presidency overwhelmingly, suggesting that Americans would like to try some democratic ideas.

I would submit that Democrats are not trying to turn America into a socialism, but that Republicans are ignoring and betraying our nation's long history of compassion. I think the Republicans' heartlessness should and will cost them their party.

Have you done any research on this topic, or do you just listen to Republican talking points off Fox News?

12:16 AM, February 24, 2010  
Blogger bbunk said...


I see the following as empty claims lacking any foundation or basis of truth, simply confusing:
- "one of the greatest scams" - is it even a scam?
- "more costly and higher taxed version" - what are the costs and taxes in each case?
- "resoundingly rejected" - what are the numbers; why rejected (too big / too small)?
- "control the health care" - really? says who?
- "hell bent on making this dream a reality" - is that why he let congress flail all of 2009 (not very effective if true)? which speech covered this, or do you have a secret way of knowing his thoughts?
- "how much total government control will be applied" - where is this in the bills passed (I thought insurance will be in control)?
- "every expert has shown that it not only would not create competition but actually drive up cost and run private companies out of business." - is this combination of ideas even possible? if costs go up, won't insurance undercut public option and thrive? if costs don't rise, isn't that the nature of competition? help me understand this.
- "a socialistic health care system with government in complete control" - this is not obvious; what this would look like and what type of control would be exerted?
- "has nothing to do with bipartisanship" - aren't relentless cloture votes & lack of any Republican votes for any health care bills the real thing that "has nothing to do with bipartisanship". what does Republican bipartisanship look like (does it involve any votes for health care that includes Democratic proposals?)
- "By cooperation of course Obama means caving to his plan" - what do you think the Republicans would call cooperation?
- "extremely unpopular with the American people" - did the American people already have a chance to weigh-in on the recently posted Obama ideas? what polls show how the American people view the House and Senate bills (for/against; including why e.g. no public option, not single payer, mandatory insurance, etc.)
- "best chance of making it a reality even if it means destroying their party and losing House and Senate seats and majority status in doing so" - if this is true, shouldn't all republicans totally support their efforts, to gain control of Congress (White House also)? Are the Democrats really this suicidal? Would the Republicans take one for the country, and fade into history?
- "socializing Americas health care and placing it completely under government control" - how can government completely control health care? How would control be accomplished and maintained? what about insurance companies?
- "Democrats do not have the votes in the House nor the Senate is not slowing them down and seemingly not stopping (them)" - what votes do they have? how many do they need? If they don't have the votes, why can't they be stopped?
- "Never mind that Democrats have had the numbers to pass this mess without ANY Republicans" - do you mean simple majority vote to pass the bill? do you mean 60 votes to invoke cloture?
- "the tide is so obviously against Democrats" - which Democrats? why is it obvious?
- "the reaction of constituents" - what about recent polls showing favorable support for incumbents that pass the public option, even by reconciliation?
- "the key to preventing the reconciliation move by the Democrat leadership" - how many voters follow politics enough to really know what reconciliation is and why it is considered good/bad from their perspective?
- "but has become blatantly obvious that Obama, Reid and Pelosi care NOTHING about the people and care ONLY for their ideology and government control" - could this be any more self-serving and less substantiated by evidence?

5:09 PM, February 24, 2010  
Blogger Mike's America said...

Ken: Where'd you get these two nitpickers? They're trying to obfuscate your main point in a sea of nit pickery.

Obviously that means you hit the nail on the head.

Obama's health care summit isn't a summit, it's a set up. Obama has repeatedly said he welcomed GOP ideas and yet when the time comes to actually pass legislation, nearly every substantive GOP amendment is rejected by the Democrat majority.

Oh yeah, "Right of the truth" (what a clever name) If Dems can't pass a bill with broad bipartisan support they don't deserve to have ANY majority. You can make all the excuses you want but the American voter isn't so easily fooled.

6:10 PM, February 24, 2010  
Blogger bbunk said...


Perhaps you'd prefer the following:

This is just a list of too-often repeated talking points; nothing more that unsubstantiated opinions of right-wing loyalists angry that they lost an election.

Succinct and to the point; not much to disagree with.

Perhaps this is all you're able to handle intellectually, seeing as detailed commentary is seemingly beyond your ability to grasp and discuss. BTW, the inability to address specific criticism is implicit acknowledgment that the remarks are basically true (or else someone would step forth with facts that show them wrong in a way that can be understood). Thanks for agreeing with me!

BTW, the Republican ideas on Thursday of "clean sheet of paper" and "step by step" process were clearly "ideas" that solve health care problems.

As for bipartisanship; I've yet to hear a single Republican state where they would support any of the Democratic ideas (in any bill from this session), with an offer of voting, that would indicate their bipartisanship.

I know I've gone on too long and strayed into the land of "actual dialog" for your tastes; sorry.

Have a nice day!

5:40 PM, February 27, 2010  
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