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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


CNN the liberal cable news network which is only surpassed in its left wing bias by the disgusting MSNBC has a very surprising poll which is one of the most telling tales of the failure of Barack Obama. According to the poll 52% of the American people state that Barack Obama does NOT deserve a second term as President.

Only 44% of those polled say that they would vote for him again which is decidedly down from the nearly 53% who voted him into office in November of 2008. The failure of Obama is beginning to show its face even with media from the left. Taking into account the left leaning bias of CNN and the polling group most likely leaning very left with a larger number who would be considered Democrat, a more balanced poll would likely raise the 52% number to the high 50's or possibly low 60's.

With numbers that are steadily tanking even in left leaning polls Barack Obama seems destined to be a one term President. We have a tremendous opportunity in this mid term election year to make Obama a two year lame duck President. A decisive victory, cleaning house in November can tie Obama's hands preventing him from continuing down the socialist path that he has been on since he took office.

Democrat Senator Evan Bayh who has announced his retirement after two terms in the Senate stated that the Congress was dysfunctional and that the American people needed to send a, "shock," to Washington. Bayh stated that, "the American people needed to deliver a "shock" to Congress by voting incumbents out en masse and replacing them with people interested in reforming the process and governing for the good of the people, rather than deep-pocketed special-interest groups."

While I have little agreement with Bayh politically this statement is right on the mark and sends a message that the American people are fed up with Congress and Obama policy. The absolute failure of Obama is not the fault of former President Bush as has been the practice of placing blame on Bush for everything that has taken place under Obama. Obama's failure is solely his own and taking the Congress in November will stop his agenda in its tracks and allow Obama to fade away as the worst President in our history.

The Chicago thug is terrorizing the Nation like Al Capone terrorized Chicago in the 20's and 30's. The difference is that Capone was a gang boss who illegally terrorized. Obama is using legal means to unconstitutionally terrorize the people of The United States and the people are tired of his terror tactics and Marxist policy. November 2010 is when we the people take control of our Nation away from the leftist and remind Obama that he serves us and not we him.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Mike's America said...

I've been pondering how to look at this and I think I have it:

There was a story this week about how the White House intended to ramp up it's communications operation:

So, what this basically means is that they intend to increase the level of partisan attacks at critics at the very time that many like Evan Byah blame partisan attacks for the current situation.

Obama is losing on issues across the board and the GOP is picking up the slack. Here are some poll comparisons the GOP House put together:

The question is: If we clean the Dems clocks in November will Obama triangulate back to the center in hopes of winning re-election or will he double down again on his liberal policies and partisan attacks?

11:32 AM, February 17, 2010  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Mike, I don't think Obama would even consider moving toward the middle. Clinton did and won re-election but Obama is much more of an idealogue that Clinton was. Which makes him virtually incapable of moving to the center.

12:00 PM, February 17, 2010  
Blogger Mike's America said...

Ken: Obama denied he was an ideologue when he went to the GOP retreat in Baltimore.

The man has such an ego that he can't even see what is obvious to the rest of us.

It's no wonder that some in the room laughed at his obviously false claim.

4:06 PM, February 17, 2010  
Blogger bbunk said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

3:56 PM, February 24, 2010  
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