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Sunday, May 18, 2008


Hillary and Obama are continuing to duke it out for the Democrat nomination which has created an advantage for John McCain going into the final Primary months and especially with the real probability that Hillary, though losing, will remain in the race until the Convention and force a fight that will leave the Democrats further wounded going into the final push for November.

This combined with the skeletons and lack of substance that are weighing heavily in support from likely voters in the General Election for Barack Obama, who most likely will be the Dem nominee, and John McCain is looking good for a November victory. In fact recent polling that covers a State by State break down on the Electoral vote has McCain with more that 310 Electors in a head to head with Obama which is well above the 270 needed to gain the Presidency.

With the prospects for the defeat of the Democrats for the Presidency looking very strong in November, why then is this post titled, "Warning To Conservatives ?" A fly has possibly fallen into the ointment in the past week that may very well become a temptation for many Conservatives which has the possibility of handing the Presidency to the Democrats if Conservatives yield to this temptation.

Bob Barr a Conservative former Congressman from Georgia has announced that he is running as the Libertarian candidate for the 2008 Presidential election. Barr left the GOP and the Congress in 2003 because of differences that he had with GOP spending habits. Differences that most Conservatives including myself have with the recent crop of GOP Legislators and also President Bush during his first term. Bush has improved some with the use of the VETO pen recently.

Many Conservatives have expressed misgivings with John McCain as the GOP nominee. This writer is among those. I was not at all happy with his recent policy statements concerning Global Warming and using federal funding and legislation to , "attack, " the problem. These monies and legislative time can better be used to address our own energy problems by getting off of the liberal legislative agenda and drill for oil that we have in the ground right here at home and stop wasting time and money buying and importing what we have in abundance right here at home and can access easily, environmentally safe and fairly quickly access if Washington would get out of the way.

Additionally I am not satisfied with McCain's continuing stance on Illegal Aliens and Sanctuary Cities. He has finally understood that the people demand border security first but he still favors a, "comprehensive, " program that favors some form of amnesty. Other problems with McCain stem from his past dealings with Campaign Finance and, " The Gang Of 14, " just to name two.

The temptation for many Conservatives because of McCain's track record with more Moderate leanings and some Conservative stances would be to support a Conservative candidate like Bob Barr whose Conservative stances better fit with the majority of the Conservative beliefs, unlike McCain who is at best 70% Conservative.

The problem that this causes is the fact that as a Libertarian candidate he presents two very distinct obstacles to becoming President. First as a Libertarian he has no chance of winning. While a stronger candidate than the Libertarians have had in recent years he still cannot gain enough support to win the Presidency. Second as a Libertarian he will follow that parties war platform which is very much isolationist and anti-war including immediate pull out from Iraq.

Ron Paul's stance on the war and America's place in foreign affairs follows very closely to the Libertarian platform and Barr will be expected as their candidate to campaign as such. All of this can add up to Barr being the spoiler with Republicans and if Conservatives who are angered with McCain are not careful, Barr could receive enough support to put the Democrat nominee in the White House.

Once there, either Democrat candidate along with what will likely be a Democrat Congress with the possibility of a stronger majority than they have now will guarantee several things.

1. Some form of government sponsored mandatory health care will become the largest entitlement this Nation has ever seen.

2. Taxes will rise dramatically. The Bush tax cuts will disappear and Democrats without the threat of a Presidential VETO will raise taxes across the board to pay for their Socialist agenda.

3. Surrender and appeasement will become the policy concerning military affairs and the military itself will suffer massive cut backs with huge financial cuts which will leave the Nation vulnerable and our troops without the finest and most advanced weaponry in order to protect the Nation and themselves.

4. Massive government sponsored programs designed to create a greater if not a complete dependency of the people on the federal government will become common place as legislative initiatives.

5. The likelihood of one or two Supreme Court Justices retiring during the next Presidential term is very high. A Democrat President will nominate a Ginsburg thus taking the court far left of where it is now.

Many Conservatives believe that allowing Democrats in the White House with a Democrat Congress will be such a disaster that the President will be a lame duck after only two years and the GOP under Conservative leadership will become the Majority in 2010 with a Conservative President to follow in 2012.

With a Democrat President like Hillary or Obama and a Congress giving them their entire Socialist agenda, the damage that it will cause in even two years may not be able to be reversed. How many government programs once legislated and funded have ever dropped of the books ? NONE. Two years of total Democrat Socialist control will add massive programs and taxes that will be near impossible to reverse even with a Conservative President and Congress.

The damage to the military is not only a danger to this Country but will leave us far more vulnerable to another 9/11 type of attack. This time it could very well come in the form of a dirty or nuclear bomb with casualties in the tens of thousands or more. Why do you think that a terrorist group like Hamas endorses Barack Obama ? Because his military and foreign policy ideas work for the advantage of and appeasement to terrorists. His ideas mirror closely to those of Hillary's so either way it would be a disaster.

Ronald Reagan once said, "If you got seventy-five or eighty percent of what you were asking for, I say, you take it and fight for the rest later, and that's what I told these radical conservatives who never got used to it." Reagan understood that political compromise for most of the pie was necessary without compromising principle and then following the example of our Founders and fighting for the rest that Conservatives believe in when the opportunity presents itself.

I am a Conservative first and then a Republican. But as a Conservative who has misgivings with McCain, I would rather fight him 30 - 40 % of the time than fight Hillary or Obama 100% of the time and watch my Country take the slippery path to Socialism under their leadership.

Yielding to the temptation of voting for Barr as a protest vote because of misgivings with McCain will result in a Socialist President and if this happens Conservatives will have no one to blame but themselves. The Socialist agenda and the danger is poses is real and much more pronounced with Hillary and Obama than it has been since the days of FDR and the New Deal which brought about Social Security and many other Socialist programs that we are still suffering through more than 70 years after FDR first introduced them.

The difference between FDR and either Democrat candidate is that they are openly pushing this agenda and do not have a Depression as a means of convincing the people to back it. What they will have is a Congress that will fall right in line and give Hillary or Obama every entitlement, tax increase or Socialist program they propose and we the people will be stuck with it for generations like we have been Social Security.

Though far from perfect John McCain it the only candidate who can prevent the majority of this from happening. He is strong on National Security and the military, backs Conservative Judges like Alito and Roberts, favors tax cuts and major tax reform, is against government sponsored health care and understands that appeasement to Iran, Syria and Islamic Fascism is dangerous to our people and our Nation.

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

with Juan McAmnesty you are NOT going to get 70 or 80 percent. you might get 20%.
We can get 20% if the RINO's in Congress will grow a pair.
Juan has already stated that Alito is too conservative for him. So that shoots that down. Also Juan will never get anything conservative through a D controlled congress.
I can not and will not support a candidate either with my money or my vote. that believes the first amendment is for wiping his backside with (McCain - Finegold.) who believes the boarders of the U.S. are not worth defending (McCain-Kennedy.) and that U.S. law is not worth enforcing (deporting illegal aliens) McCain is a Liberal Democrat who never got around to changing his party affiliation. If you can support this POS. have at it, but don't tell me that the sky is falling if this I don't vote for this POS. When the GOP gets back to supporting conservative values, I will start voting for them. Until that happens they can continue to lose.

8:07 AM, May 19, 2008  
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