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Sunday, May 11, 2008


Hillary refuses to die away. Obama's inexperience and controversy continues to make headlines. The DNC is in a shambles trying to pick up the pieces while the candidates keep the heat on. Donations are beginning to dry up for candidates down the political line in tough races against strong GOP contenders.

So where in the world is the GOP while Democrats continue to implode ? In a political climate where Republican candidates have an opportunity to dominate headlines in a positive way the GOP is frustratingly quiet. Even in the Congress where Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have taken a second seat to the heat for the Presidential nomination, Republicans who should be forcing issues and bills before a weak Congress are sitting back and doing NOTHING!

Even if GOP Representatives have no chance of getting legislation passed in the Pelosi/Reid Congress every GOP Representative and Senator should be hitting the airways and the floors of both Chambers of the Capitol pushing the Conservative/GOP agenda showing voters exactly WHO is to blame for the debacle that is taking place in Washington yet the GOP remains SILENT!

John McCain is riding the tide of Democrat implosion and because of the situation between Obama and Hillary he does not have to do anything except sit back and allow the Democrats to continue to shoot themselves in the foot. But at least he is making his presence known and talking about policy as well as challenging both Democrat candidates especially Obama who will be their nominee.

There are more GOP Senate seats up for grabs this year then Democrat and of course every House seat is on the ballot and the GOP has a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on the shambles in the Democrat Party and they are doing NOTHING!

The Democrats are in such a mess now that reports surfaced last week that candidates who are running for hotly contested House seats are writing the DNC asking Howard Dean and company to end the strife for the Presidential nomination because donations are drying up and Democrat supporters are expressing their dissatisfaction with the top candidates and the party by NOT giving.

The GOP is allowing an opportunity to take advantage of the Democrat chaos slip right through their fingers and for this Conservative Republican it is frustrating to the point of anger at the weakness of the party and its leadership.

Even though Republican Representatives have little chance of getting legislation passed under the Pelosi/Reid Congress during an election year they can at least hit the floor of Congress and the media with the GOP agenda and show voters how Democrats are stalling on issues like funding the border fence which was passed and funded in 2006 by the GOP Majority Congress with the Democrats taking away that funding shortly after taking control.

With gas prices as they are now the GOP has an opportunity to expose the truth about years of liberal environmental policy that has brought us to $4.00 a gallon gas. Force the issue by demanding drilling in Anwar, as well as the new vein of oil found in Montana recently that can be exploited immediately and oil pulled from already existing wells only requiring horizontal drilling but being fought tooth and nail by liberal environmentalists backed by Democrats.

The battlefield in Iraq is continuing to be a success that Democrats and the media are avoiding BECAUSE of its success yet Republicans are keeping quiet and NOT telling the Nation the good news out of Iraq. Surrendering the media battle of the success by remaining quiet in an election year that Democrats had planned to exploit as a failure as little as six months ago.

General Petraeus and our tremendous men and women in uniform have hushed Democrats and the critics with success yet the GOP remains quiet when they should be shouting from the roof tops with, "I told you so!"

The havoc that is taking place for the Democrat nomination is giving the GOP an opportunity to push and gain seats in both Chambers of Congress as dissatisfaction with the DNC and the war between the top candidates continues. The Democrat disgust is strong enough that supporters of both candidates in large numbers are expressing that if their candidate does not get the nomination they will either sit at home or vote for John McCain in November.

And the GOP does NOTHING. House and Senate candidates running for election and/or re-election must NOW make their presence known to take advantage of the chaos and weakness with Democrats. Their is a real chance for gains in both the House and the Senate but not if the GOP continues to refuse to exploit the problems that are riping the Democrats apart.

Republicans have a bad habit of not exploiting an advantage when is is placed right before them and this year is following in that same trend. You can bet that if this same chaos was taking place in the Republican Party, Democrats would be playing it to the hilt. In 2006 they took advantage of anger toward the GOP Majority in Congress and turned that tide of disappointment into victory and took back the Majority status in both the House and Senate.

While Republicans most likely cannot retake that Majority this year there is a possibility of strong gains if they will but capitalize on the Democrat debacle but they are choosing to just sit back and watch it happen asleep at the political wheel.

While the Democrat chaos looks to be shaping a victory for John McCain in November and retaining the White House for the GOP this sit back and watch attitude that Republicans are taking with the Democrat implosion is an opportunity wasted and an advantage thrown away. WAKE UP GOP!!!

Ken Taylor


Blogger Rob said...

Ken, Obama is the nominee and he is raising record amounts from a record number of small donors. The Dems are going to have plenty of cash in the Fall.

Clinton will be out in June when all the races are over.

The problems for the Republicans are pretty simple - George W. Bush, the dismal economy, and Iraq. Bush has the lowest approval ratings on record, the economy is not likely to improve significantly for some time, and Iraq remains highly unpopular.

There have been two special elections to fill open seats in the last couple of months. Hastert's seat in Illinois - which had been Republican for 20 years - was lost to the Dems. In Louisiana last weekend, a Republican seat - which had been Republican for 33 years - was lost to a Dem. This week, there is another special election to fill an open seat in Mississippi that has been Republican for 12 years. That race is dead even, but if the Dems win that one also, things will be looking pretty bad for Republicans for the Fall.

Add to that that this past week, Republican Rep. Vito Fossella (NY) was charged with DUI and then admitted that he was on his way to see his 3-year old secret love child from his ongoing affair. He will be resigning soon and there will be yet another special election.

The Dems are going to pick up at least 20 seats in the House this year, and perhaps another 4-6 in the Senate.

9:37 PM, May 11, 2008  
Blogger Rob said...

At the end of March, the NRCC had $7.1 million to the DCCC's $44.3 million.

Trying to defend their Louisiana seat last week (and losing) and their Mississippi seat this week (we'll have to see), has required them to spend almost $2 million to defend what should be safe seats.

On the Senate side, the DSCC is also crushing the NRSC. At the end of March, the DSCC had $37.9 million in cash to just $17.3 million for the NRSC.

The RNC has $31 million to the DNC's $5 million, but if you look at the three together, you are looking at the Dems having more than $30 million more in cash on hand. This is not including the presidential candidates fundraising.

One more thing, late last month, Obama got together with the DNC to set up a joint fund-raising committee. I am quite certain that the DNC will far out raise the RNC in the second quarter because Obama is a rainmaker when it comes to securing funds.

Cash will not be a problem for the Dems, but it will be for the Republicans.

9:53 PM, May 11, 2008  
Blogger American said...

A thoughtful post Ken, the democrat implosion is doing no harm to GOP chances but to just sit back and watch is unsatisfactory. The McCain camp has to realize that Bush’s ratings are still in the twenties, something that will prove an obstacle to McCain’s chances. At present its smooth sailing for the GOP but once their opponents have sorted out the nominee business all focus will be on McCain and the Republicans. I just don’t want to see McCain suffer cause of Bush as Gore did for Clinton. It’s not too early to go on the offensive.

8:27 AM, May 12, 2008  
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