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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Many including those in the Democrat Party are asking , "why is Hillary Clinton staying in the race ?" There are many reasons. Among those are the fact that she believes she is destined to be President and that she and Bubba believe that they have the clout during the Convention to strong arm Super Delegates into jumping the Obama ship and getting on board the Clinton Side Wheeler, (with emphasis on wheeler as in wheeler, dealer! ).

She also has a case concerning her electability compared to Obama's. She has won all of the big States as well as the core constituency of the Democrat voters. But one of her top reasons for holding on concerns Florida and Michigan.

In case you missed all the fuss, Florida and Michigan decided, against party rules to move up their Primaries to try and get their foot in the door BEFORE the first Super Tuesday which took place in February. The DNC was rather upset about this and as a punishment denied every delegate from both States a seat at the Convention making the United States, as far as the DNC is concerned a 48 State Nation once again.

In accordance to party wishes Obama and the other candidates running at the time either had their name removed from the ballot, ( in Michigan), or did not campaign, ( in Florida). That is everyone except Hillary Clinton. Not only did she keep her name on the ballot but actively campaigned in both States. Which of course shows her loyalty is to Hillary and NOT the DNC.

Clinton also won both States. In Michigan she only won with 55% of the vote with the only other candidate on the ballot being Dennis Kucinich who even my Whippet dog could beat! The fact that Florida and Michigan are not included in the delegate count changed the dynamics in winning the nomination. Without the two States either candidate needs to get 2025 delegates both pledged and Super in order to gain the nomination.

With Florida and Michigan in the mix that number changes dramatically. With the 211 delegates from Florida and the 157 delegates from Michigan added to the total delegate total from all of the Primaries and the Super Delegates the number needed for the Democrat nomination is approximately 2208 for a majority.

With the count needed to win now standing at 2025 without Florida and Michigan Obama is less than 50 away from the nomination. If Florida and Michigan are counted he would still need more than 200 to get the nod. Hillary would also gain delegates putting her closer to the nomination than she is now.

The DNC will meet on Saturday to decide the fate of the 368 delegates from the two States that at the moment Democrats do not recognize as part of the Union. Will they change the dynamic of the nomination once again by seating the Florida and Michigan delegates ? Will the DNC open the door for a miracle finish by Hillary Clinton and create a war at the Convention like we have never seen before ?

Will the DNC push Obama's lead aside in favor of Clinton by adding the two States back in the mix ? Will Hillary cry in order to try and get the DNC leadership to feel sorry for her ? Will Obama call on Jeremiah Wright to , "damn, " the DNC for allowing Florida and Michigan to become States once again. Will Howard Dean finally get a brain ? Well all but the last is possible !

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Zann said...

For a blog dedicated to the liberal lie, i would suggest the posts explain the situation correctly. First, the reason the primary in Florida was moved up. The Republican legislature would vote on legislation that would benefit the poor in the area only if an ammendment was added to move the primary up.
In this case, it is not fair to punish the individuals of a state because of the government, which is exactly what Senator Clinton did. She still campaigned in the state, even though she knew that the votes would not be counted and to campaign requires time and money. In this scenario, it is hard to believe that she is working for herself. Senator Clinton still considered the people's opinion. And what happend? People showed up in record numbers to vote, one of the highest ever for a Florida Democratic Primary despite the fact that these individuals knew their votes wouldnt be counted. Why would DNC punish all these people?

3:28 PM, May 28, 2008  
Blogger Gayle said...

LOL! No, I can answer the last question honestly: Howard Dean will definitely not get a brain! ROTFALMBO! I love your wit!

7:05 PM, May 31, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its true what the first comment said. This was laid out pretty straight forward for something called the "liberal lie". I am liberal but I am seeing the flaws in liberals this year. Their hearts still in the right place but their brains are up their wazoo with Obama's "lead". The DNC is a mess.

9:41 AM, June 01, 2008  
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