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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


The United Nations Climatology Committee has made it clear that there is no longer any question concerning the origins of global warming. Al Gore has stated in his Academy Award winning documentary and in hundreds of speaking engagements that the case is closed. Man causes global warming.

I never believed it until today and now I have found the proof that man certainly DOES cause global warming, or at least the measuring of temperatures that indicate to scientists that global warming is taking place.

Now before those of you who visit this site regularly think I have caved and lost my mind, hear me out and read the evidence that is being presented. Former Television Meteorologist Anthony Watts of Chico, California have been investigating along with many of his associated the 1221 weather stations around the country that the government uses to determine temperature fluctuations and how much the temperature has risen over the last several years.

Each of these stations are very sensitive weather measuring instruments that can easily fluctuate in temperature if not located in proper locations and away from a heat source or a source that amplifies the heat from the Sun. The standards required for location of these stations states that they not be located less than 100 feet from a building, near any source of heat exhaust such as AC venting etc, nor near any type of pavement whether concrete or asphalt as heat is amplified on these surfaces.

In his investigation Watts has discovered some very interesting locations for the MAJORITY of the stations that he and his associates around the country have investigated. One for instance is locate next an airport tarmac where is continually is in the jet blast of planes entering the runway.

Many are either on roofs of buildings, next to a building and one instance had the station directly beneath a window AC . Other locations have found stations sitting next to barrels used for burning. Another is located in an electrical substation.

Here are some very and revealing pictures of some of these stations and graphs that show the temperature measurements from the same . Some of the pictures are of measuring stations not only in the US but in other places around the world.

These stations are used by the government and I might add Al Gore and his cronies to determine temperature increases and back their case for global warming and its effects on temperature. It is obvious that with the stations being located in areas where the readings are greatly effected by man made surroundings and man made machinery that exude heat, that global warming IS MAN MADE.

Except that the temperature from these stations DO NOT reflect the true temperature and as a result are giving false information in which to base rising temperatures on. One then has to wonder since the 1221 temperature measuring stations in The United States that are used as a basis for determining how much this portion of the globe is warming are sending less than accurate readings because of the environment surrounding the station, how many other instances throughout the world are similar ?

Man made global warming, no longer a myth but a fact .........or at least a fact based on false readings, faulty measurements and equipment that is not being used properly!

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Henry said...

I was reading about this yesterday!

Perfect example of GIGO - Garbage In, Garbage Out.

I took a look here, and I found over 100 stations within 25 miles of me. I will be checking them out over the next few months and reporting my findings, complete with photos, to

If just 100 people check out a dozen stations each, every station in the US could be monitored.

Do it!

12:50 PM, June 20, 2007  
Blogger Mike's America said...

It's only been in the last few years that we have begun to develop the satellite technology to gain a better understanding of warming as it occurrs in the upper levels of the atmosphere where any global warming problem could be demonstrated.

Surface warming is an entirely different phenomenon than GLOBAL warming.

The science on the GLOBAL phenomenon is not clear at all and certainly does NOT indicate any manmade component that could be addressed by ANY of the solutions put forward by those on the left whose agenda is entirely political.

1:44 PM, June 20, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Al Gore is NUTS, his new global warming religion is nuts, they are all nuts. Liberals should be prevented from making films and running for office, they have poisoned the world with their lunacy.

5:27 PM, June 20, 2007  
Anonymous Gary J. Korman said...

Hi, I found your comments while looking for real science proving that Global warming is man made. Very good stuff on your part. Had me laughing again at the crazy Al Gore types that think man is so powerful and so stupid at the same time.

3:57 PM, July 12, 2007  
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