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Wednesday, June 06, 2007


An interesting meeting took place last night at the Myrtle Beach, SC City Council. Among the many item on last nights agenda was a proposal to fine and punish local business that knowingly hire illegal aliens.

I have mentioned before that because of the huge influx of retirees especially from the Northeast into this area housing and service related jobs are booming. After all when one retires, why cut the grass, power wash the house, etc. Hey you can't blame them at all for paying for services after they have earned a restful retirement. Additionally though housing costs are rising because of the influx a retiree from the North can sell their house and move here into a house twice what the had at half the cost.

So needless to say construction and the need for construction workers is booming. The problem that has risen is that with the boom a huge invasion of illegal aliens offering cheap labor has forced many skilled laborers to look elsewhere and skilled service industry workers to do the same.

The Myrtle Beach City Council had an opportunity to help the situation and begin drying up the job availability for illegal aliens. Instead they voted 9 - 3 against the proposal without any debate and very quickly moved to the next item.

This one example is one of the many reasons why we as a Nation face much of the illegal alien problem that we have now. When this country adopted the Constitution we understood that the Framers intended for the Federal Government to be limited and that the State and Local governments were to handle much of the governmental needs of the people.

Immigration or as the Constitution states, Naturalization is only mentioned twice and as such much of legalities concerning immigration can be taken care of at the local level whether State or Municipal.

While securing the borders along our Southern line with Mexico IS a Federal issue because it encompasses the crossing of State lines, the employment of illegal aliens can and should be handled at a local and State level. By doing so the , "need, " for legislation like the amnesty bill that is currently before the Senate would not exist. If the State and Municipal Governments would pass tough employment laws concerning the hiring of illegal aliens then the jobs would dry up and the illegals would leave of their own accord because of lack of employment. After all a business is licensed at the local level not the federal.

The problem that now exists as was proven by the Myrtle Beach City Council is that the power and all encompassing reach of the Federal Government has become so strong that State and Municipal Governments no longer see the necessity or have the will to handle law at the local level but rather pass the buck to the Feds.

Simply put if every State passed legislation with stiff penalties for hiring illegals also for harboring and transporting them then as the jobs dry up, the illegals go home. Additionally border security would be easier since the enticement of a job and easy money to send to Mexico would no longer exist, the flood would then stop or at least decrease to a trickle.

While it seems that our voice is not heard in Washington, I can assure you that the State and local Governments still listen to the people because they have no choice but to face us since they live with us and are not isolated in the National Capitol.

That does not mean that we give up on making our voice heard in Washington but we can increase the pressure by stampeding the local and State Governments which in turn will increase the people's noise in Washington. Trust me if we are loud enough someone will hear and act!

Ken Taylor


Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

Great post Ken,

This is sort of like what happened just recently in Oklahoma. We passed one of the most sweeping immigration bills and one of the toughest. And we arent even on the border!

I think we can all agree on a few things here, we need to seal the border first period. Then discuss what we are going to do with all the people here already.

And if no one else is going to say it, I am. This doesnt really have a darn thing to do with the Hispanic population. This has to do with Terrorists crawling over our borders and getting into this Country.

I wish our President would make that absolutely clear to the Hispanic population and the American people.

But unfortunately President Bush is in a place right now that I hope he snaps out of soon. He is to busy pandering to the left, and it seems to be working. I am not a poll person but I did read one the other day that showed his popularity growing among Democrats and slipping on the Republican side. That's a switch! A switch that is making our party pretty darn mad.

I dont know why he feels the need to go along with any crazy bill that Ted Kennedy comes up with, after all this Amnesty Bill is all Teddy's!

We need to call the White House and snap him out of it!

But I dont think this Amnesty Bill is going to get through the Senate anyway, there are all kinds of amendments, and arguments, going on and this thing isnt coming out like it started to begin with.

Hopefully they will cut the Kennedy crap out of this bill and come up with one that seals off the borders first and then we can deal with the other issues.

12:10 PM, June 06, 2007  
Anonymous Seth said...

Agreed, Ken.

State and local governments are infinitely better equipped to enforce immigration laws than the feds are, and should be doing so.

"We need to call the White House and snap him out of it!"

Sadly, Marie, amnesty is apparently the only solution, NO MATTER WHAT, that Bush will accept. If both houses of Congress miraculously arrived at any other consensus, we could only expect a veto from POTUS.

Ken, I know you disagree with me that the amnesty thing is a done deal regardless of how many people call, write, email, fax or scream invective at their senators, their reps and the White House, but I believe that on this particular issue, we're screwed.

7:14 AM, June 07, 2007  
Anonymous mudkitty said...

Don't blame me, you voted for Bush. And as a result, you got 9/11, the Iraq Occupation, and your immigration bill.

Question: What about the 5 million Iraqi refugees?

Maybe we should dismantle and send back the Statue Of Liberty to France?

1:17 PM, June 11, 2007  
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