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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

HA HA.....I'm Back

For those of you who don't remember name is Chris Taylor.And as my title so obviously states...HA HA...I'm back.Let me refresh your memory. I am a 19 year old conservative. Ok ....well your memory is refreshed enough. A lot of crap has happened scince I've been gone. And I figured I would stop by, have a cup of tea, and discuss these matters with lump or two.Now, first things first.The President has a birthday comming up soon and I hope that you will all assist me in relaying the message of HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our great commander and cheif.Secondly....we all no about the Michael Jackson case. I know that you are probably just about tired of hearing MJ this and MJ that, but if you would indulge me for a breif moment, you might hear something new.Now, I think in a way, we are all deep down inside, fans of Michael Jacksons music.Now before I go any further....I scincerely apoligize if I offend anybody with anything stated in the latter portions of this article. If at some point,You(the reader)become offended, please feel free to comment me and tell me what I have said that offended you and
I will personally send you my deepest and most heartfelt apoligies.Ok...getting back on track.As I said before...I think that in a way we are all fans of classics like "Beat It", "Smooth Criminal",and of course the well known"Thriller."But(yes theres always a but) Michaels lifestyle leaves, how would one say, a lot to be desired.For example......he was born black.Now, correct me if I'm wrong. But if you are born a color don't you usually stay that color your whole life?God did not create us in an amphibious manner so that we change colors.Nor did he put a color changing pigment in our skin so we can camoflauge ourselves when we are in trouble.We were made one color and are intended to stay that color our whole lives.It is my belief that God made us one color and whishes for us to stay that color.I do not believe however, that He intended for us to change our color evertime we wake up and have an craving to taste something new.Now, as all of you know ,MJ just went through a very long and drawn out trial propcess.A trial in which a12 member jury was selected that was meant to have a completley unbiased opinion of the defendant(Michael Jackson).Wait a I hear buzzers. I think I do Johnny.Why don't you tell our lovley contestent whats behind door number 1...........NOTHING.Why? you ask....because the jury did not have completley unbiased opinions of Michael Jackson.Infact, two members of the jury had personal contact with our buddy Michael.One of the members of the jury was a member of a very important doctors family.Why is some random doctor and his family important to this case......thats right guessed it...the doctor was Mikeys family doctor.Now, if you are part of the family of Michael Jacksons personal family doctor, your bound to run into him(Michael Jackson) sooner or later.Yet another member of this impartial 12 had some kind of relations (which I cannot further discuss)with MJ when he was younger.What an impartial, unbiased group.Ha Ha....right.Now, another disturbing issue in this issue....Mikey got off on 10 counts.Completley free.And he actually admitted to some of them and still got away with them.Completley untouched. Not a spot on his record. Not even community service or probation for God's sake.What is this country comming to.If it had been a common man on trial, I would personally be willing to bet you that he would have been convicted on most of the counts and put in jail/prison for years.Perfect example: I have a very close friend, who for privacies sake and for his own personal sake will remain nameless, that had charges brought up on him stating that he molested a 14 year old girl. There were witnessess,including myself(scince he lived with me at the time)that were around him 24/7, that know and testefied that he did not touch nor did he really know this young lady(I say lady loosley).He was convicted, even with the witnessess, and is now serving an extended sentence on probation.Now were is the justice in that.Even with witnessess he was convicted and he never did anything.Michael Jackson admitted to commiting some of these terrible acts and still got off scott free.The point I am trying to make is this:I love my country very much. Anybody who knows me will vouch for that.But, this great country, has proven to me too many times that all you need is fame and money and the legal system will not touch you.Well, I guess I will bring my article to a close.And in closing I would like to say a few things.Again, if I have offended anybody, I am deeply sorry.Send me a comment letting me know what i have said that is offensive to you and i will send you my most sincere apoligies.Secondly:I am a 19 year old conservative.I have many piercings, tattoos, and I also have long black hair.Plus I love metal and hardcore music. Now, my point in saying all this is that despite what I look and talk like, I am a patriot my friends.I will always stand up and speak for what I believe in. And I would encourage the youth and even the not so youthful of America to stand up and speak for what you believe in.We have an amendment that states that we the people have the right to freedom of speech. I would encourage you , my fellow Americans, to exercise that constitutional right. I would espically urge the teenage population of this great country to let your voice be heard.Take a stand and let people know what you belive and why you belive it. Do not be scared to openly state what you are fighting for.And don't ever let anybody tell you that it is an unworthy cause or it is not worth it.If you believe in it then it is a worthy cause and it is worth fighting for.Don't be scared to let your voice be heard at the poles.Your one vote could change everything.Take your stand and be heard.And most importantly,NEVER BACK DOWN FROM WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN!!!!!!!

Chris Taylor


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