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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

M.J. NOT GUILTY, H.D. (Howard Dean) GUILTY!

Since the surprising news that Michael Jackson has been aquitted of all ten charges that he faced, the media, including talk radio, (excluding most of Rush's show thank God!) has been pre-occupied with speculation and second quessing of both the jurists and the prosecution attorney. Whether you believe that Jackson is a pedofile (seems likely to me), what matters now is that the Constitutional requirements for a fair trial by his peers has been met and second guessing and speculation does not change the fact that he is a free man who might have learned a valuable lesson! In all the focus on the MJ trial another "radical" who has a tendancy like Michael to carry things to the extreme in a political manner has not had the media trial over his "charges" decided, so we at the TLL,TCT will now take the bull by the horns and finish the deliberations for the trial of Howard Dean and the absurd alligations that he has levied toward Conservatives. So here goes: We the jury in the above mentioned case on count one, " all Republicans look alike" find the defendant GUILTY! Count two, "that all conservatives are non productive and do not work" GUILTY! Count three, " that all conservatives attend white christian meetings" GUILTY! Count four, "expression of hatred for all Republicans" GUILTY! Count five, " conservatives do not want nor include all races, especially black and hispanic" GUILTY! Having found the defendant Howard Dean guilty on all counts this court sentences Mr. Dean the continuation as the head of the DNC and to keep running his mouth in the manner already established for as long as the Dems will allow. One might conclude by some of the things that have been written in this article that I am for the removal of Howard Dean. On the contrary, although I am not a fan of Mr. Dean I believe that in many ways he is the best thing to happen to the Republican party since Ronald Reagan! Every time he opens his trap he prooves that the left fringe of the Democratic party now runs the party and that with few exceptions what he howls is what they believe. They may "distance" themselves for positioning in the next election, but by not silencing him, they prove that they agree and he is their true spokesman. Thus continuing the isolationism from the majority of the country and in spite of the goof ups in congress by the Republicans the Dems will continue to stay in the minority because of the truth as expressed by Howard Dean. So rave on Howard, we're all behind you!

Ken Taylor


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