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Thursday, June 30, 2005


I'm sure that there are many that will read this article who do not remember the humiliation, fear and total degrading of the American persona and esteem, not to mention our position in world affairs as Iran held 52 hostages in 1979, the last, (thank God!) year of the Carter administration. This was quite possibly one of the if not THE lowest point in American history as the United States due to a lack of leadership and resolve by the President, who continual informed us that America would have to get used to a lesser way of life, gave the impression to the world that the United States was weak and incapable of caring for her own! Many of those former hostages have recognized the newly, "elected" Iranian president as one of the more brutal members of those who held the hostages during those dark days in the late seventies. President Bush referred to Iran as a member of the, "axis of evil" and this would seem to confirm the President's description and re-emphasize the need for success in Iraq. Iraq is the center of this region and those who are fighting against the stable establishment of a free Iraq, many of whom have been proven to come from Iran, realize that with a full fledged democracy in Iraq the very people that are held under the Mullahs and oppressive regimes will collapse as the citizens see and understand their fellow Arabs are free and liberty rules Iraq. This "new administration" in Iran being led by what would seem to be a known terrorist presents a clear and present danger both to the region and the United States and our interests! Those within our country who through their rhetoric and lies that are seeking to destroy the mission in Iraq in order to express their hatred for our President and to regain their positions of power in Washington, (Mr. Kennedy, Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Byrd, Ms. Polosi, Mr. Reid and Mr. Durbin to name a few), would do well to stand up and take notice to this turn of events in Iran and remember those dark days as their President, (Carter), failed to protect the staff of the Embassy in Iran and then failed for more than a year in ,"negotiating" their release and realize as President Bush has that the only way to defeat a terrorist is to meet and destroy him on his own ground and allow the fresh air of freedom to prevail to eliminate the hatred and the teachings that feed terrorism which allows its infection to fester in the Middle East.

Ken Taylor

(click on this articles title to read an article pertaining to the hostage link and the Iranian president)


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