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Thursday, June 23, 2005


Our, " illustrious" court system has changed the constituiton so that it now reads, " We the people of the United States no longer have a more perfect Union but a Union taken over by the courts thus establishing a demagog system in which the courts usurp the voice and rights of the people!" Todays ruling by five of the nine justices of the Supreme Court in favor of New London, Conn. is proof once again that our court system is out of control and thus taking away our freedoms, our rights and the very foundations on which our nation was founded. From the very beginnings of this country the right to own and keep property has been one of the very protections that the constitution allows which seperates us from the dictatorships and warlords who rule most of the countries throughout the world and the futile system that rules much of Europe. For the Supreme Court of this land to state that local governments have the right to totally disregard the, "public use" clause of the fifth amendment allowing a development company to in essence seize the property in spite of the current owners unmillingness to sell because the new development will increase the tax base is outrageous ! I also believe that this is a violation of the unreasonable search and seizure clause of the fourth amendment and the equal protection clause of the fourteenth amendment. How can one recieve equal protection if a development company believes your home more valuable as a shopping center then as a family dwelling! The earth shook today in Mount Vernon and Monticello as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson rolled over in their graves! This is a sad day for our nation and a sadder commentary on the state of our rights and freedoms that are supposed to be guarenteed by our constitution. Where is the out cry from our, "representatives" as our rights are being trampled by a judiciary that legislates from the bench?!?! In the Gettysburg address Lincoln reminded us that we are a "government of the people, by the people and for the people." The judiciary has certainly forgotten this, our representatives seem at times to ignore it have "we the people" grown so accustomed to this trampling that we willingly just roll over and take it? It's time to let our voice be heard. I have this evening e-mailed each of the justices who voted for this travisty as well as the White House, my representative and Senators. This is just the beginning. This nation was founded by men who were willing to fight for what they believed. We the people have the power to take back our nation with our voice ! Judges do not rule this land. It was an activist judiciary that enabled the National Socialists to sieze control of Germany in the 1930's. We have not slipped that far yet but this socialist judiciary is taking us down a similar and dangerous path. We can stop it. As freedom loving Americans we must stop it!

Ken Taylor


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