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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Watergate Revisited?

My friends, I think the left has made a huge mistake in devoting days upon days of news coverage to the discovery of the now infamous Deep Throat. In an age of millions of media outlets, do they really believe that they can mislead the public twice about this affair. First the facts. We know the entire fiasco began with several men breaking in to the Watergate hotel in D.C. during the 72 campaign season. Nixon eventually resigned. Woodward and Bernstein are forever imortalized by the left. But there is always one thing missing from the story. IM no expert, but if they were after DNC documents or info, what did they obtain? And if they were there to plant bugs, then why? Well now I know the real truth. Doesn't anyone else find it strange that G. Gordon Liddy was one of the involved? For someone with his experience, this was beneath him. It was made out to be, by the Cronkite Crew, a low level theivery and bugging of an office. But this is not true. According to Mr. Liddy today, the entire operation was in place to bust a Brothel across the street from the Watergate Hotel. It seems that the were using the Watergate Hotel for hosting or accommodating clients. All this over a cat house. Ill take his word for it. After all he did the time for the crime.
By bringing this affair back into the limelight, Nixons name will gain more respect, and sympathy. And by the way libs, if you want a real crook, try LBJ. He always fits the bill.


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