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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Something To Defend!

I have listened Friday night and throughout this weekend to the talking heads and the political pundints either whining or accusuing the President of being, "on the defensive", or "overly defensive", or "very defensive" in the second debate against John Kerry. Not to detract from the excellent article previously posted by Chris for our debate coverage, but first I believe the President decisivly trounsed Kerry Friday night and second; of course he was somewhat defensive. Why? Because unlike John Kerry, the President has a long list of actions and accomplishments TO defend! Kerry has the luxury during a debate to attack the President's policies, his actions, his decisions and anything else from his administration. The President on the other hand has to decide which John Kerry to debate. Kerry had no record in the Senate, which Bush brought out many times, Kerry has also managed to express support for and against every side of every issue giving him the opportunity to state that he was for and/or against anything depending on which answer was most expedient to the question. Never before in Presidential politics has a sitting President had an opponent who stood for nothing. Kerry's "stands" change with the polls and the political climate and each are accompanied with an excuse or a claim of consistancy. The only consistancies that John Kerry has are his name, he served in Vietnam, (the nature of that is even inconsistant), he has "a plan" for everything which he can't reveal because he doesn't know what he'll find IF, (thank God for if) he becomes President and George Bush did everything wrong. How can you trust a man with no record to defend a questionable past, who tells you nothing about his "plan" for the nation except, he'll tell you if he gets in office? The simple answer don't! The President stands firm on his record, has outlined in detail his plan for the next four years and has been truthful and honest about his past and his administration of the Presidency. There is no clearer choice as to who can and will effectivly lead this nation and win the War on Terror...President George W. Bush!

Ken Taylor


Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Great follow up and I am sure we will work the same story from the media next week.


7:48 PM, October 10, 2004  
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