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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Why ? Part II

One week ago tonight I wrote the pre-quell to this entitled "Why." In the article I asked for comments as to why anyone would vote for John Kerry since I had only heard reasons that were against the President and never for Kerry! I even bet that it could not be done, well I was wrong! After five days of wondering if it were possible, one reader responded and gave their reasons for Kerry. As I interprit them they are tax increases for infrustructure, both Kerry and Edwards, and the responder are lawyers and they better know how to work the system. John Kerry will have a kinder and more world co-operative America that will diplomatically get along and of course clean air and social security. Many thanks for the response and honesty, even though I see these as typical liberal talking points. That is the beauty of America, we can agree to disagree! Now that I have given ample time for those voting for Kerry to have their's my turn! Why am I voting for George W. Bush.

First: Global Terrorism. We learned on September 11, 2001 that the United States and other countries are the target for these networks and countries that harbor them. President Bush has shown the courage and leadership to confront these animals wherever they may hide and hunt them down in-spit of cost or popularity. Why? The only good defense is a strong offense and the only thing that will stop a terrorist is his death! Negotiations and the court system failed in the past and will not work in the future! The President knows that they will stop at nothing to destroy this country and he believes his solemn duty as President is to protect this land. That is one reason why more than 75% of the military support Bush for re-election! He also realizes that it is a global war not just Al Qaeda, or factions in the Middle East. The war has many fronts that are currently being fought. Iraq, the Philippines, the Sudan, North Africa and even various places in Europe and Russia. Even those who did not back Iraq agree that Bush is the hope to defeat terrorism. Read Vladimir Putin's quote at the top of this page!

Second: Taxes! It has been proven that if the people are allowed to keep their money that the economy will grow and government revenue will increase due to that growth. Both Presidents Kennedy and Reagan proved this and so has George Bush. Allan Greenspan the fed chairman testified on Capitol hill that the Bush tax cut brought a quicker end to the ressesion that began in 2000 before Bush took office. This along with the huge imapact of the 911 attacks should have destroyed this economy without much chance of a recovery. The tax cuts allowed tax payers to spend and invest and gave employers insentive to expand and hire. Yes HIRE! I'm sick of the rhetoric about Bush and no jobs and job loss. The figures that are used to show job growth do not include self employed and those they hire. According to the household survey which counts all working in a household, there have been nearly 12 million jobs created during the Bush administration!

Third: Steadfast strength to those things that he believes. There are many who see the President as arrogant. That is because they do not understand that as President and as a man he has a sure footed core of beliefs that guide him and nothing will shake his confidence that what this nation is doing, again in-spite of some unpopularity is the right thing. I do not refer to just his faith and Christian beliefs, but also his belief that every man, women and child is born with the desire to be free and that America is the hope for that freedom. This guides him in knowing that as terrorist regimes are defeated and freedom's spark spreads that the world will be a safer place!

There are many other things such as decreasing our dependancy on foriegn oil, Social Security savings accounts while still ensuring that ALL seniors will recieve their benefits, education initiatives but time does not allow detailed explanations. The bottom line is this; for a safer more secure America, for less taxes and less government intrusion and for the winning of the War on Terror, on November 2, 2004 I am voting proudly for the re-election of President George W. Bush!

Ken Taylor


Blogger Ejdrup-DK said...

I think it would be better with if USA was socialist country, but i don't think Kerry want's to turn USA into that. I think USA sucks, I know you say "we are the world greatest democracy" but you aren't, only 50 % of you vote, and the one who gets the majority of the votes aren't the one who win. PS I doesn't like Kerry eighter, but he's better than Bush who is a christian taliban.

made by: Chrstian from Denmark. and I am a socialist like 90 % of the Danish people.

8:32 AM, October 31, 2004  
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