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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Proud Conservative, But We Voters Need More Backbone!

There are many things in this life that I am very proud of; my nineteen year old son who has voted absentee and for the first time, so the President has 1 vote already secure! I'm proud that we live in a country where freedom and liberty are the hallmark of our existance. I'm proud of the tremendous accomplishments that our country has made and as its status as the world's lone Super Power. I'm proud of the stance this land has taken and bled for against terrorism on ALL fronts of the war! I am also proud of our President who has given us and the world a moral clarity and leadership that is rare in this world. He continually takes a strong stand in protecting this nation , in following his Constitutional vow and working to improve conditions here at home. With all this said, I fear that we conservatives whether from fear of the liberal agenda or from fear of there regaining power lack a stong backbone to emphatically fight for our beliefs. This tendancy has once again shown its face in response to the first Presidential debate. Like many of you I was a little disappointed that the President did not hammer home more of the flip-flops of John Kerry and was not suprised that the polls and most people believe that Kerry won the debate. What does bother me is that throughout the day Friday and thus far this weekend the "woe is us" syndrome has once again overtaken conservatives and the thought that because of one debate all is lost for the President! Never mind that there was NO change in the polls, never mind that the majority of votors still believe that Bush is the best man for the job. Never mind that most of the Senate and House seats up for grabs have a Republican lead. Never mind that there is still one month and three debates left. No, many conservatives see the world coming to an end! First let me remind you of the first debate in 1984 between President Reagan and Walter Mondale. Mondale recieved a 17 point bounce after the convention and was 8-9 points ahead in the polls going into the first debate. President Reagan was not even close to his game for this debate. Infact many even thought he had become senial. He looked and acted tired, his thoughts wondered and he generally acted as if he was pre-occupied. After the debate Mondale celebrated a victory and everyone was sure he would win the election. Then came the next debate one week later. President Reagan ate Mondale for dinner and went on to the largest landslide in American history! Why do conservatives not realize that the majority of the country believes as we do? Have we been trounced upon by the liberal agenda so much that there is an internal fear that anything that does not appear perfect will defeat is? Remember with the exception of two midterm elections in the 80's and the two times Clinton was elected conservatives have won rather decisevly every national election since 1980! Yet even after holding Congress since 1994 we still back down and are afraid of the liberal agenda even to the point that legislation is changed dramatically and judges unconstitutionally kept from the bench. Where is our backbone. We have a strong President who will have very powerful coat tails on November 2. Then over the next four years our larger majority will prevail both in Congress and the State Houses. We need to start acting like we are the majority and not the minority. Whining is no longer an option! The great things we say to each other in private must be yelled from the roof top in public. Why are the liberals so feared. Not because they are right, not because they have better ideas, only because thier mouths are bigger and they yell louder! Well fellow conservatives it's our turn. We are in power, after November 2 we will still be in power and it's past time for conservatism to be shouted from the mountain tops and the liberal voice because OF OUR STAND brought from it's lofty and false heights!

Ken Taylor


Blogger Rothbard said...

650 Billion in Medicare socialist welfare freebies; thats conservatism?

Bush and the RINO "Republican" Congress supported the largest expansion and restructuring of government in recent history. So much for "fiscal conservatism"!

A President that supported the "Assault Weapons Ban" and wanted it reauthorized. Thats conservatism? Lest not forget Ashcroft, the other real winner of that administration who went on CNN and showed his true colors when he said he supports the Brady Act and all other "reasonable gun laws on the books" (in otherwords, he supports all of them). Bush appointed Ashcroft, therefore, I get to blame Bush for Ashcroft.

I dare not even get into the supposed "constitutional vow" of faithfulness issue you mentioned. I'd probably have to drag every President for the last 200 years into that conversation.... but dealing with the here and now, Bush fails that test also. Violation of the Second Amendment, Executive Detentions (suspension of habeas corpus) of American citizens (only Congress can order that, as per Article 1, US Constitution). Not to mention his very grey line abrogation of the Right to declare war which is a power clearl delegated to Congress by teh Constitution.... but hey, War has not actually been declared since WWII, so why break the recent Presidential tradition of ignoring teh constitution on this matter.

So exactly, by what definition is President Bush or the current Republican controlled congress to be considred legitimately "conservative"????

Please reconcile the aforementioned question when explaining why the average conservatism grade of Congress on a conservative scale [based on voting records for various bills] issued by a conservative group was approximately 47%, whereas the Senate was about 2 percent higher than the House and the Republicans barely were more "conservative" than the Democrats.

Also explain how Rep. Ron Paul [R-TX.) (who basically defiantly opposed everything the RINO Republicans and pseudo-conservatives brought before Congress managed to score a 100 points... Twice the grade of the average, whereas the second highest conservative score was something like 79 percent from a particular Senator.

Also explain why when Representative Nick Smith (along with Ron Paul) said he would definately oppose Bushs 650 Billion dollar Medicare welfare freeby, the Republicans made an openly veiled threat that Rep. Nick Smiths son (who was also running for political office) would lose the election because the Republicans would yank his support. Is this what "conservatives" stand for?

7:29 PM, October 10, 2004  
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