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Thursday, October 21, 2004


I recieved the following letter from Senator Bill Frist the Senate majority leader concerning the Kerry health care plan. I found it very interesting and quite disturbing and now pass it on to share with you. We cannot afford John Kerry in the White House!

Note: Senator Frist is a physician!

Dear Ken,

John Kerry has a $1.5 trillion big government health plan that will put over 80 percent of those covered on Medicaid, will raise taxes an average of $969 per year per family, and will vastly expand the role of government in your health care decisions.

The very group John Kerry claims to help - small businesses - oppose the Kerry health plan. They have called it an "overpriced albatross" and released a study showing his plan would impose 225 mandates on employers.

Kerry's health care plan would create or expand the role of at least twenty-one government agencies to accommodate these new mandates.

Of the 25 million Americans insured under the Kerry health plan, almost 22 million will be in the Medicaid program, which is a government-controlled healthcare program. Just ask any physician or any hospital what happens when a patient is treated in Medicaid. Prices are strictly controlled, and ultimately there is rationing, all of which together destroys innovation and research and development.

And what happens to people who have private insurance when the government steps in and vastly expands Medicaid? Under Senator Kerry's plan, about 8 million Americans will lose their private insurance coverage and end up on Medicaid.

But for John Kerry, that's not enough government expansion. His plan would create a federally run reinsurance program which makes the government responsible for 75 percent of health care expenses greater than $30,000. If government has the responsibility of everything over $30,000, they certainly will regulate everything up to that threshold as well. Payments, reimbursements and prices would ultimately be set by government and that turns into government rationing. This plan does nothing to address the underlying root causes of the soaring cost of healthcare today. It simply shifts that cost to the backs of taxpayers - to the tune of an almost $1000 tax increase.

From my perspective as a physician and one who has seen firsthand the way a healthcare system should work, we need a system centered on the doctor-patient relationship. The Kerry plan simply fails and moves in the other direction, focusing rather on big government and bureaucrats as decision-makers and that is the wrong prescription for the American people.


Senator Bill Frist, M.D. (R-TN)
Majority Leader


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